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  1. NuggetsHuman

    Older Students - 40 +

    We aren’t old... just used to a regular schedule!!!
  2. NuggetsHuman

    Older Students - 40 +

    Thanks for the encouragement. It also helps that I’m in a job where my role is really interesting and worthwhile in an organization that is a good match for my personal values. It will be 6 years from starting the BSN program to psychNP without any hiccups, and a full 10 years since I started the prerequisites. So apparently I’m playing the long game.
  3. NuggetsHuman

    Picking Clinical Sites

    We have the option in our program of selecting our clinical sites provided we are in good standing with academics and financial obligations. If you had the option to choose between the following types of sites for your first hands-on clinical site, what would you choose and why? -inpatient rehab -inpatient veteran's home -long term skilled nursing home -hospital affiliated with long term nursing home -inpatient hospital
  4. NuggetsHuman

    Seattle is Dying

    Tech industry jobs are really driving the market. Seattle has many large and small tech firms that often will start their full time programmers at upwards or $100k or more.
  5. This one seems good, but also like I need something even MORE basic?
  6. Or maybe could you tell me how well this stacks up against your knowledge base?
  7. I think I'm running into a topic that I didn't really nail down solid in A&P or patho because I've got some baseline confusion going on around acetylcholine and adrenergic receptors and what they do running amok. I'm in pharm this semester and we're just starting to talk about cardiac drugs, autonomic nervous system response (and cholinergic crisis vs anticholinergic toxicity). Can y'all recommend any good videos online that talk through this? Thanks in advance.
  8. NuggetsHuman

    MSW to PMHNP/FNP (dangerous ideas!)

    Ahahahahahahah.... Pharmacology. is. kicking. my. ass. It will be fine. I'm just having some challenges with how to organize the information. Rote memorization is definitely not my strong suit, but writing things over and over and over and over again with the same color coding seems be helping.
  9. NuggetsHuman

    MSW to PMHNP/FNP (dangerous ideas!)

    Thanks for the pro-tip and continuing encouragement. I'm making some adjustments to life to minimize and condense my remaining private practice clients and not taking any new people. Hopefully eventually everyone will feel like they have enough support to just check in periodically. Spring semester is health assessment and pharmacology. Clinicals are every other Saturday in the lab for health assessment. Summer term is foundations and then next fall I think is when we get into adult health. Eating the elephant one bite at a time!
  10. NuggetsHuman

    Trans Patient

    Wow. The assumption that a transwoman would masturbate in front of a ciswoman is rife with inherent bias and, I hope you hear this kindly, a lot of ignorance about being trans. Simply because someone is transgendered does NOT make them any more or less likely to have paraphilias or inappropriate sexual behavior. Conversely, transfolk are at exceptionally high risk for violence done to them by others, both physical and sexual. To assume that only ciswomen are at risk of being traumatized by the POTENTIAL for a transwoman's inappropriate sexual behavior is to completely ignore that the transwoman is MORE likely to be at risk for psychological and emotional abuse, if not also physical harm, because your facility is treating her differently. Please, please, please educate yourself more and get your manager to bring in quality training about supporting trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming individuals. Psych hospitals need to be safe and accessible for ALL people.
  11. I think the difference is whether you're providing "general psychoeducation, supportive listening, and helping the patient decide their goals and how to get there" versus psychotherapy assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. As an LCSW it is within my scope of practice to diagnose and treat mental illness, and to provide psychotherapy. But with an RN (when I hopefully get there), and if I were working in a nursing role, I would only be able to use nursing diagnoses and nursing interventions. Psychotherapy is outside the scope of practice for RNs, but therapeutic communication, goal setting, motivational interviewing are all very much within scope of practice. When I (also hopefully) finish the psychNP program I'm targeting, I would again be able to diagnose and treat mental illness both with psychotherapy AND pharmacotherapy. Psychotherapy is different than counseling in that psychotherapy is a more clinically oriented and specific form of treatment, whereas counseling is more general and supportive in nature. For example, in my workplace we have peer recovery specialists who can definitely provide therapeutic support and coaching. But if someone dives into trauma history and wants help getting that resolved, the peer is going to send them to me for therapy because trauma therapy is outside the scope of practice for a peer. I would imagine (AND HOPE to be honest), that psychRNs are aware that associates and bachelors degrees in nursing would allow them to provide supportive counseling but not psychotherapy because they lack the advanced training in clinical psych, therapeutic orientation and frame, and technique. I hope that makes sense, and I'd love to keep talking about it. If you are looking for more counseling and therapy, consider a clinical MSW program. There's a TON of flexibility in roles and types of work you can do with an MSW, particularly if you get your clinical social work license. ps- @PG2018 I'd love to have a thread to talk about neo-Kraepelinianism and NIMH's push toward a more biological psychiatry understanding of mental illness
  12. NuggetsHuman

    Methadone clinic job offer

    Curious to hear what you decided and how it's going.
  13. NuggetsHuman

    2018 CARN Exam Prep? Please help

    I was going to suggest, just looking briefly at the CARN and CARN-AP credentials, it might be nice to have the CARN but in a couple years, probably before the CARN expires, you'd be eligible for the CARN-AP.
  14. NuggetsHuman

    New job as addictions nurse need advice

    I'm breaking out the popcorn here and hoping to see an update about what you've decided! Would love to hear from you about whether you decided to go for it, if you did, and how it's going.
  15. NuggetsHuman

    MSW to PMHNP/FNP (dangerous ideas!)

    Finishing up the first semester of the BSN! WHOOP! Here's what's left: One very short presentation with a 1 page reflection paper 1 regular patho exam intro to nursing final patho final In terms of academic performance, I'm doing just fine. Solid cusp between B+/A- territory without actually killing myself with stress. As a perfectionist, I'm getting a LOT of practice reminding myself that there is no functional difference between getting an 86% and a 96% on an exam, and the 86% gives me more time to deal with the rest of my life including my very full full time job. We not only got awarded both the SAMHSA and HRSA grants, but also two other grants for program expansion and evaluation. And both my department head and I are doing two peoples' jobs until we get the behavioral health consultant positions we were in filled. (I saw 53 patients last week. My productivity expectation is 32. And if my manager gives me any more **** about not having my notes done on time, I'm going to poke her in the eyes until she gives me a chunk of her admin time because I have no admin time that is not tied up in meetings.) I feel really fortunate to the academic stuff pretty easily and that I learn well in a traditional educational environment. Do I wish I could have the luxury of going to school full time? Sure, sometimes. But truthfully, I feel like I'm learning more and more at work just by thinking a little more like a nurse in addition to a social worker. Full time school is book learning, which is good. But full time work and part time school is applied learning and critical thinking, which in the long run serves me better. For example, in clinic last week one of the nurse care managers pulled me in to help out with a patient in crisis. Thanks to the intro class, I was fascinated doing this kind of meta-observation about how nursing therapeutic communication is different from therapist therapeutic communication. Plus I get to see all kinds of fascinating things in clinic like cellulitis and abscesses aplenty, and a gazillion chronic health conditions exacerbated by homelessness, addiction, poverty, and trauma. I mean, I would see all these things in clinic at work anyway. But I notice that I'm thinking about them in a more complex way... in a more medical and more nursing way already. As long as I remember school is my full time hobby right now, I do alright. But once finals are over I'm going to knit myself a very ugly Christmas sweater for our work Ugly Sweater Day.