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shanneliz123 has 3 years experience as a BSN and specializes in SRNA.

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  1. shanneliz123

    I got accepted into CRNA School

    I will message you!
  2. shanneliz123

    Map of All CRNA Schools

    I’m in a program already, but this is amazing! Definitely a great tool to have when applying, WOW!
  3. shanneliz123

    MTSA 2021

    I private messaged you! I interviewed July of last year. I’m in my second semester at MTSA!
  4. shanneliz123

    Trauma level 1 or trauma level 3?

    Most schools I’ve looked into prefer level 1 trauma centers 100%. I know the pay difference sucks but if your end goal is CRNA school I would stick to level 1. I got accepted to a school and I was an alternate and I was in a level 2
  5. shanneliz123

    I got accepted into CRNA School

    LOL good for you!! I’m only in the first semester but the staff is amazing
  6. shanneliz123

    I got accepted into CRNA School

    The one off of the STN website!
  7. shanneliz123

    I got accepted into CRNA School

    Thank you so much! I just went on google and typed in the search bar CRNA interview videos and just looked around through the search results there!
  8. shanneliz123

    I got accepted into CRNA School

    You’re welcome and thank you so much!
  9. shanneliz123

    I got accepted into CRNA School

    You’re welcome
  10. shanneliz123

    Realistic Goal?

    Firstly, graduate from your current program and finish strong! I didn’t have the best stats either. I made a post on what I did to make myself more appealing to CRNA programs and a study guide for the interview process if you want to take a look! I don’t think you’re out of the ballpark but you’ll definitely have to do some work once you’re employed to make yourself stand out. You don’t necessarily have to have outstanding statistics but you’ll have to show schools that it’s what you really want. Take a few grad courses if needed! It’ll help your GPA. It’s definitely not an unreasonable goal. Get certifications, make sure you’re on a unit that schools look for (CVICU, MSICU, level one trauma center, etc.) you’ll have to work hard but it’s not out of reach! I didn’t know if I’d get in either but I showed out in the interview and made myself as competitive as possible! I fortunately didn’t have to take grad courses but that would have been my next step if I didn’t get accepted. Good luck!
  11. shanneliz123

    Just graduated from CRNA school

    Just wanted to drop by and say that I was at a level two trauma center as well and got accepted. So you don’t NEED to be in a level one. Although it does look better, I’d you have other strengths those could make up for it, such as CCRN TCRN(I got this newer certification fir trauma nurses) I was in a 12 bed trauma icu and we didn’t even do opens hearts or ecmo. So that’s great that you’ve been exposed to them. Try applying if that’s the only thing holding you back! Blow them away in the interview!
  12. shanneliz123

    MTSA DNP Program 2020

    You’re welcome! I know it’s overwhelming so any help I can give I try to!
  13. shanneliz123

    MTSA DNP Program 2020

    I would,suggest some specialty certifications like CCRN. Not required but with how competitive programs are today I would look at it as required. I also made a post on my stats and what I did to prepare if you’re interested!
  14. shanneliz123

    New SRNA - How do I get loans?

    Not necessarily! If you have a good credit score and a guarantor, your interest rate could be as low as 5%!
  15. shanneliz123

    How to improve my chances of getting in?

    I have about 1.5 years of ICU experience and my BSN gpa is a 3.2! I also didn’t do well on my GRE Qualitative 143 Quantitative 147. However, I have other factors that helped my chances, CCRN TCRN TNCC, stuff like that. I made a post a few months back on what I did, I’m not sure if you’ve read it. But maybe it’ll give you some hope! Good luck!
  16. shanneliz123

    New SRNA - How do I get loans?

    I would schedule a appointment with the financial aid advisor. But, I did a grad plus loan and unsub loan. My advisor told me that they are the easiest to refinance after school. But, the interest rates are fixed. They aren’t terrible, but if you have a really good credit score I would look into private loans such as from a bank

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