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  1. Ty96

    HESI A2 study material

    The program only focuses on cardiac sonography? That's really cool!! I was struggling between deciding to go to nursing school or sonography school because I wanted to be a OB songrapher. But my program does vascular, abdominal, OB, etc. I know this is totally unrelated to your questions lol. I'm looking for study tips for the HESI also!
  2. Ty96


    Thank you for the detailed information about he HESI! I take it January 18th and only have one shot at it so I'm SUPER nervous. The math and A&P I is what scares me the most. I did really well in all my A&Ps, 98 & 97 in my lecture classes. However, I took A&P I a year ago and I'm super rusty! Is there more A&P I or II? Thanks you!
  3. Ty96

    Competitive GPA

    Hi everyone! So I am applying to nursing school in order to start next fall. I keep hearing my peers saying that in order to be accepted we must have a "competive GPA". In you guys opinion, what is a competive GPA besides a 4.0. I'm really curious! Because I sure don't have a 4.0. However, I do have As in all of my A&Ps & micro.
  4. Ty96

    L&D or Postpartum

    Hi everyone! So when I graduate from nursing school, I really want to jump directly into Woman's Health & mother/baby. It really my only reason for going into nursing school because it is truly my passion. But, my question is, is there anything I can do to better my chances, as a new grad, to get a position working in L&D or postpartum such a certifications, ect? Is it harder to get into postpartum or L&D?
  5. Ty96

    Patho and Micro

    Hi. I am taking pre reqs for nursing just in case I do decide to go into nursing school. In the fall I scheduled myself to take micro biology: human pathogens and pathophysiology in the same semester. So my question is, is this a good idea to take both of these classes in one semester? How hard are these classes?
  6. Ty96

    Has anyone here taken AP1 & 2 together...

    I would suggest taking them separately. There is a TON of information you have to learn for each class. I couldn't imagine taking them both together. I got really high As in both classes and they were easy to me. But it's so much information. Take them separately. ESPECIALLY if you plan on taking other classes with them. Spare yourself the stress and limit your chances of having to retake them.
  7. Ty96

    Anatomy and Physiology --- app?

    I don't know any apps. But I would suggest taking notes, and making flashcards. That's what I did. I noticed with me, writing my notes out, and them writing them again on flashcards helped me a LOT. Since I write them more than once it helps me remember. And I wouldn't suggest memorization. Make sure that you can apply the knowledge. For anatomy, like someone else said I took pictures of all the models and studied that way. EVERY single day. I spent at least 2-3 hrs a day studying. And once you start catching on, you may not have to even study that long. A&P II is a LOT of physiology. But it's really not hard. I got a 100 in A&P I lab & a 98 in lecture. In A&P II I got a 96 in lab and a 97 in lecture.
  8. I would suggest retaking the course and trying to get a better grade. The Nursing application at my school goes of "points" and you get more points the higher your GPA and grades are. They most focus and want strong backgrounds in A&P, as in the nursing programs or any allied health program that's something they build upon. They may accept people over you who have a higher grade. It really depends on the school, and your competition when you apply.
  9. How difficult is it to work during nursing school? Like how are clinicals, how many hours a week they are, etc? I know that each school is different when it comes to that. But I'm really scared that while in nursing school and working at the same time I won't have any time to study.
  10. Ty96

    Nurse or Sonography

    Thank you so much for your reply! That's the same thing I was thinking. I like to be challenged, and although many say that being an ultrasound tech is less stressful, I feel as if I will get tired of doing the same thing every day. I just get worried because I don't want to mess up and be responsible for a patient. An LPN nurse told me something about there are a lot of lawsuits in the nursing field and I don't know how true that is, considering I don't personally know any nurses.
  11. Ty96

    Nurse or Sonography

    Hi everyone! I just need a little advise because I'm having a hard time choosing what career path I want to go into. I am currently in school and my major is Radiologic Technology. After I finished my rad tech program, I was going to go to school for sonography. Particularly OB/GYN. I am finish taking l of my pre reqs to apply for the program, and after taking my A&Ps and realizing how good I am at understanding the concept of how the body works, I found that I am interested in how to fix it if it's not working properly. In ultrasound, I don't believe I'll be dealing with much of the physiology of the body system. I've been doing a lot of research and am really considering a career in nursing, eventually specializing in labor and delivery. Does anyone have any advice that can help me decide?
  12. Ty96


    I did find it interesting! It wasn't my favorite though, lol so idk. It's either that or microbiology, which I may go for. I'm really interested in cell biology.
  13. Ty96


    How hard is genetics? Once I'm finish taking my A&P classes (which will be in Spring '17) I wanted to take Genetics. Is it really hard? I'll have to take it eventually, so I might as well get it out of the way soon.
  14. Ty96


    Lol oh really?! I know nursing school isn't easy, and I know it's competitive. But maybe I didn't make myself clear enough. I really wanna do ultrasound. The program at my school only accepts 12 ppl each year out of the 300 something that apply. My chances would be better if I did the Rad Tech program first. HOWEVER, the demand for nurses are so much higher than that of DMS. That's one of the reasons I was looking into other fields. I was looking into it. Even if I didn't specialize in the NICU, there's still so many other things to specialize and so many other opportunities in the nursing field. It's good to know my Plan A is other ppls plan B!
  15. Ty96


    Hi, so I was mapping out a Plan B. if I don't get accepted into my Radiology program(which is very selective and VERY competitive), I was considering going to nursing school and specializing in neonatal nursing. I've done some research but every website I went on said different things. Can someone give me the step by step process into getting into nursing school, and then how do I go about becoming a NICU nurse?