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  1. i was working registry and decided to pursue a career with CDCR- state prison. i somewhat regret it as i loved the jail. however, i had to choose a sure thing with benefits. yes it is possible you can float to san berdoo(central), or glen helen. ...
  2. ive worked there. its pretty awesome as they have 12hr shifts. you will do great with your experience. maybe brush up on some BLS triage, psych, and trauma assessments. easier than medsurge
  3. Ironwood and Socal prison questions

    What services does ironwood offer? CTC? PSYCH? just curious a coworker said he used to work there and claimed it was easy aside from riots ect... said they didnt have psych or inpatient. any other facilities in socal that DO NOT have a pip or ctc...
  4. Typical length RN orientation CDCR?

    Working registry at womens institution. Havent started yet. Just wondering how long i might expect orientation to be. I was told it will begin this friday(seemed odd) but havent heard any details. Thanks.
  5. I'm So Over Nursing. I would rather work at Costco!!

    Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.
  6. ADN problems now what? ARMY

    Thanks brother. Im assuming the lpn pay grade is substantially less too?
  7. Can I become an army nurse?

    Talk to a lawyer and get your cases exsponged(sp? Sorry pressed for time) and get med clearance from a doc and you will be fine. I want to enlist too but dont have the bsn
  8. Am I too old to change career?

    Military cutoff i believe is 42. So... Good enuff for government work! Plus you will be an officer. Sign on bonuses ect.. You are not too old! Not by a long shot
  9. Interview attire

    This is absolutely no help but its hilarious
  10. Pulse Oximetry 'venous pulsations'

    Ive had pt's with arythmias throw some crazy sp02 readings. When in doubt do an ekg and or get your history. Something about arythmia does this.
  11. Leaving Nursing for Another Career

    Work in research. You may be able to get your foot in the door as a "coordinator" and eventually step it up to a clinical trial monitor. Both make decent pay but its a huge diff from bedside. I was a nurse pharmacist and used to infuse stemcells f...
  12. ADN problems now what? ARMY

    Im an ADN graduated in 2011. I have experience in infusion, research, and case management. Problem is i have an ADN. Ive searched the site and havent found many threads past the 2011 date on the subject. Ive talked to a local recruiter for the ar...