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Im an ADN graduated in 2011. I have experience in infusion, research, and case management. Problem is i have an ADN. Ive searched the site and havent found many threads past the 2011 date on the subject. Ive talked to a local recruiter for the army and have an appointment in 72 hours or so. He is not a medical recruiter but seemed content that i had actual nursing experience despite my ADN(not BSN) degree. i would love to get busy and get my nursing going as an enlisted. However im concerned that i will run into road blocks. On to my questions;

has anything changed in terms of demand for ADN military nurses vs officer vs experience?

what can i expect from my encounter?

looking forward to any help on this matter. Many thanks.

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Don't not enlisted, you will only work as a LPN. There is a huge difference between enlisted and commissioned officer. You need to get your BSN for all services including the reserves.

If if your goal is active duty do not let him talk you into the reserves since it all most impossible to go from reserves right now.


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Thanks brother. Im assuming the lpn pay grade is substantially less too?

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Yeah, you start out as an E-4 in the Army as an LPN or ADN vs. an O-1 as a BSN-RN. Google the difference. It's pretty substantial, especially if you look a few years out.

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A few years ago the Army was taking ADNs. They aren't anymore. To commission as an RN in the Army, Navy, and Air Force, you need a bachelor's degree in nursing.