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  1. ADN_Is_Complete

    2018 RN hourly pay

    Hourly rate : $26.29 ... State: South Carolina.. Experience: None/ New Grad
  2. ADN_Is_Complete


    Congrats to you!
  3. ADN_Is_Complete

    "My Journey Continues"

    Fingers crossed for you. Best of luck.
  4. ADN_Is_Complete

    Need advice from a seasoned nurse...

    I am really unseasoned but just out of curiosity, are you planning on working on that floor once you graduate? I worked as a nurse tech while in school and I've had 10-11 patients at most. I feel that floor must be dramatically understaffed to give you that many. Honestly, I can't even imagine how you do it. I agree with the previous poster that if you're having that much of a load then the nurses probably have heavy ones too. If you arent planning on working there once you graduate I would transfer to another floor or find employment with another hospital. From your post you sound very concerned about your patients and I think that is a plus. We all get overwhelmed and we wonder if we provided the best care possible. Hang in there, you're almost finished with school. I think you'll do great as nurse. Please update us.
  5. ADN_Is_Complete

    Big bad NCLEX 9/1

    Just got quick results! I passed! :)
  6. ADN_Is_Complete

    I finally passed the NCLEX-PN on 5th attempt!!

    Congrats Dusty!
  7. ADN_Is_Complete

    Big bad NCLEX 9/1

    Hey all, just stopped by to blog about my NCLEX experience. I took the big test Saturday morning at 8 am (started a few minutes before) over 80 miles from home. I must say I did not feel confident walking out of the testing center. When my computer shut off at 88 questions, I was completely shocked. I believed that I'd at least get over 100 questions. Plus, I felt like every other question was a SATA. I had at least 10 maternity questions, an order question and a few case studies. The questions were straightforward but I felt I was guessing on most of them. I read the questions twice and then selected my best answer. I finished about 9:15am. I also expected for my exam to take longer, not that I'm a particularly slow tester. I'm the type of tester that I think I know the answer as soon as I'm finished reading or within a few minutes. I tried to be as thorough as I could and I hope I didn't rush through. I did the PVT trick got the good pop-up two hours later and later last night. I tried it today a few minutes before I posted this and also got the good pop- up. I really hope I passed. If not, I'll try again. Some of my classmates who took it described it as not being that bad and I just don't understand how. It was horrible or maybe I'm just being dramatic lols. Ya'll please key your fingers crossed with me. I'll update as soon as I know for sure.
  8. ADN_Is_Complete

    Letter to My Graduate Nurse

    Great post and wonderful advice, MNC! As a new grad im still in the euphoric stage for now. ❤
  9. ADN_Is_Complete


    I'm just so excited to be done! I don't know what to do with myself. I get pinned Tuesday and I've already submitted my stuff to the board. I want to take NCLEX ASAP. What tools did you guys use to study?
  10. ADN_Is_Complete

    I Passed my NCLEX RN!!!

  11. ADN_Is_Complete

    Hesi rant lol

    Hey Quota, We took Teas for our entrance. Also we've had Hesi exams but on different areas like Critical Care and Nutrition. Either way I'm about to invest in UWorld, kind of wish I had done it sooner. I wish you the best of luck! Keep me posted on how it went.
  12. ADN_Is_Complete

    Can I vent?

    Just saw your comment Have Nurse. Thank you for your kind words. And it's hard but you're right all I can do is love her for her.
  13. ADN_Is_Complete

    Hesi rant lol

    Hey all, I'm in my final two weeks of my last semester. I'm kind of frustrated since I didn't pass the Hesi exit. We were given a practice Hesi at the start of the term and I scored really well. I did the required remediation (everyone had to regardless of score). Which was over 9000 questions and I also did some practice questions on yourbestgrade. I guess the reason I'm so frustrated is because I felt I did what I was supposed to do and still didn't pass. My program has a one time take for the exit, but we get whatever conversion score we made. For example, I made an 820, so I'll get a 70 that's 20 % of my grade. Technically, I'm still passing. I'm just worried about my ability to pass Nclex.
  14. ADN_Is_Complete

    Can I vent?

    Thank you guys!
  15. ADN_Is_Complete

    Can I vent?

    Hey everyone, I know it's been awhile since I last posted. Anyway, school is going great. I just passed my critical care and OB/Peds classes with a B! And it feels like all my hard work is paying off. I've never been so scared and delighted at the same time. Also, I'll be starting my preceptorship in ten days! And even the extern position is getting better. Im getting better at drawing blood. Last night I got 3/5 sticks. I'm working on it. I appreciate everyone along the way who pushed me to never give up. Please keep me in you guys. My grandma is in end stage Alzheimer's disease and they're just providing comfort measures at this point. I really hate watching her go through this. She's been impaired for years, but she finally stop walking and speaking coherently. She's denies meals a lot now. Now, every time I go to the nursing home I see her lying in bed in her own world. I just don't want her to suffer anymore. 😩😩