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  1. akakelsy

    UCLA Summer 2017 RN New Grad Residency

    For those who were accepted, does anyone know when we will hear more or get more information aside from the phone call/offer email?
  2. Hello, I have been offered a position with Virginia Mason in Seattle for their New grad RN residency. Has anyone been through their training program as a new grad nurse and can shed some light on how it is? Thanks!
  3. akakelsy

    Reducing Anxiety: Panel Interviews

    Hello all, My issue is this: I am able to secure interviews with hospitals, but when it comes down to interviews, I freeze up! I feel that even when I prepare for the questions, in the moment I forget some of things I knew I wanted to express. I have a few interviews for new grad programs coming up next month and I have already had one of my first panel interviews. My problem is that I get very anxious when I'm in front of the panel (almost like public speaking), and during my first interview I was able to answer each question correctly but I could feel my voice shaking! I tried to give eye contact to all the members of the panel, but I also felt that they were scrutinizing me, as only one gave me a smile. Otherwise, I felt like I was back in nursing school getting grilled/marked in skills checks with their questions/clinical scenarios and after answering getting no sign of acknowledgement/only straight faces throughout the interview I love to talk to others outside in general and I am usually able to express my thoughts, but being in front of a panel is nerve-wracking, and I found myself not being able to express all that I was thinking without becoming anxious! Has anyone had a similar experience during panel interviews, or ways they have overcome this? I don't want my weakness of interviewing preventing me from getting that first job as a new graduate!
  4. akakelsy

    UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    Does anyone have any tips for interviewing with 8W?
  5. akakelsy

    UCLA New Grad Residency Winter 2017

    Does anyone have any tips for interviewing with 8W?
  6. akakelsy

    Mercy Medical Center Redding NEW GRAD

    Hi all, Also just wondering how the interview process is as I have an upcoming interview as well!
  7. akakelsy

    Virginia Mason Interview Tips

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone has experience interviewing with Virginia Mason in Washington? I have a phone interview with HR coming up, and was wondering if anyone has had an interview here. Thanks in advance!
  8. akakelsy

    Virginia Mason screening interview?

    Hello, I have a phone interview with HR coming up and was wondering what types of interview questions were asked?
  9. Hello, What is the best way to get updates to when Cedar Sinai posts information about new grad opportunities? I can't seem to find any information about dates so I assume they just list on their website at various times? I would like to be able to apply for next available new grad opportunities but wish there was more information! Thanks
  10. akakelsy

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad Program Spring 2017

    Does anyone have information about how to search for new grad jobs with Cedar or when listings are usually up next?
  11. akakelsy

    AGPCNP versus FNP

    Hello all, I was recently accepted to my school's dual degree program at nyu for the adult gerontology primary care master's program in which after graduation and at least a year of work experience, I can come back to enroll in the master's program. When I applied for the dual degree, the option of FNP was not available to students and is only available for those who are already RN's and have work experience. Throughout my clinical rotations I have enjoyed working with adults and the geriatric population, and thought that the AGPCNP program would be a good fit for me. I have been able to speak with my professors who are NP's in this speciality but now I am considering applying to a different school back at my home state in california where I plan on practicing after I work for a few years for FNP because I also enjoy treating a range of patients from peds to women, and I do not want to be limited to what I practice and the patients that I will be treating. I know that this has been asked quite a few times, but what are the pros and cons between these two? I figure I will know more once I start working and get a feel of what I truly enjoy, but I would like to hear what those who are FNP's or AGPCNP's have to say as I'm still debating whether or not to accept the opportunity to return back to school once I graduate. Thanks in advance!