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  1. LeahJess

    Nursing school application?!

    Thank you so much for the advice! I will re-structure my paper and hopefully make it more clear. As for the 6 C's, it is what my particular university's "slogan" is.
  2. LeahJess

    Nursing school application?!

    Hey! I'm having issues writing my nursing school application essay Any criticism and/or advice would be appreciated! Tell me what you guys think. Prompt: Meeting the healthcare needs of the Piedmont region, the state, the nation, and theglobal society is an important outcome for Pfeiffer nursing graduates. Why do youbelieve nurses should be concerned about the health of our community as well asthose in the global society? (500 words max) Essay: In nursing, global society is our community because of the continuous improvements in medicine, theory, and patient care and the agglomeration of organizations associated with the nursing profession found globally. For this reason, it is important to leave a nursing program and enter the work force with the concept that nurses are meant to provide care and compassion as well as to improve the care in every community. This notion allows for nursing students to leave Pfeiffer University with the knowledge referencing towards Sister Simone's 6 Cs and the ability to affect others and spread care to as many patients as possible. A good example of this is the pledge of Florence Nightingale: "to nurse those who are ill wherever they may be and whenever they are in need." Inversely, the community could benefit from nurses concerning themselves with the nation and global society. This is capable by professional nurses working towards an end goal of proper and innovative care world-wide, which tiers down to a community. The care and treatment of others, globally, has always been a concern of mine, which is a characteristic of the compassion that I share with potential and current nurses. This mutual compassion is the driving force behind the advancements found in healthcare and the compassionate treatment that nurses are found to have. Global society issues, as a whole, need cooperation from every relevant health professional with responsibility, accountability, preparedness, and care that effects health and treatment issues world-wide. There will always be new and future global health concerns that are to be seen from a nursing or medical background. Therefore, it is important for nurses to inform and lead as activists as well as innovate to solve the issue found globally and community-wide. Concerning community, it is crucial for nursing responsibilities to extend past basic care to the ill, support and implicate new ideas, structure community, provide health education, and influence social movements pertinent to healthcare. It is very common for nurses to practice with and for bureaus and members of their community. This structure and partnership formed between nurse and resident, of their community, is the purpose of their drive to better their practice. This reason is, also, how nurses indirectly affect global society. The relationship between community and global society, pertaining to nursing, is a form of chain reaction with a cumulative effect. When nurses aim to better their community, it directly affects the care within global society. In conclusion, I believe nurses should be concerned about the health of our community as well as those in the global society because the two populations are related and affected by the movements and innovations in either or. Also, the structuring theories and philosophies that nursing is based on are proponents and supporting statements for the compassion and care needed to be a nurse. That same care is the characteristics that make nurses concerned with both the community health and the health of global societies.
  3. LeahJess

    Was I told wrong information?

    I'm a first year Pre-Nursing student and I am just now settling on the path I would like to go down. While I am working part-time as a waitress, we have a lot of firemen/paramedics/police etc come in and eat. At one point, I was chatting up a couple of EMT/Paramedics(can't remember which) and asking them questions for guidance because I prefer a fast-paced job. One said that I could cross train and test to become a paramedic after I receive my RN license and work part-time ER nurse, part-time paramedic. Is this true? It seems like the dream job for me to be able to switch from ER nurse to paramedic depending on which one is needed. I understand that a hospital and first-response team do not go hand in hand but I figured I might as well ask. The only reason I am studying nursing and not becoming solely a paramedic is because of the poor pay. What are my options as far as working a "happy medium" go?