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  1. Hey all! I just applied to Weatherford college Summer transition program to RN and was just seeing if anyone else on here has applied. ?
  2. Has anyone heard anything? I'm also wondering when does the Summer start begin? It's 10 weeks I know.
  3. I talked to the nursing secretary yesterday and she said that it will be a few weeks before decisions are out. P
  4. Only two more days of waiting till the deadline! Any bets on how long it takes to hear back about decisions? 🤣😂🤣😂
  5. I'm just emailing her at
  6. I absolutely think it's because they don't have enough people. LOL. Which I think they should just let us in. 😉
  7. I emailed them today and she said " Yes the deadline was extended by the college, and yes the acceptance notifications will also be extended." That was from the secretary
  8. Applications to the LVN - RN Transition Nursing program are accepted the first business day of November through the April 1, 2022 each year for the class beginning in the Summer. That was on their website, in the application requirements...
  9. So on the WC WEBSITE they extended their deadline for Summer transition start.... it was from November to February. Now it's from November to April 1st 2022.....
  10. Nothing yet. I hope we hear something back before Spring break.
  11. I know. They said they would email. My friend applied to wise county in August and she didn't hear back till October.
  12. Yes. I did.
  13. Well hi there! I'm sure you will get in. LOL. I hope they let us know soon!
  14. Oh I hope so. Now it's just the dreaded wait. LOL. Did you get your lvn through Weatherford? I did in 2017.
  15. Not a lot to be honest which has me worried. I added up the points and I had 26. I'm currently taking micro right now. I'm on the low end but you never know. I'm hopeful. How about you?
  16. I know! It's going to be a long 6 to 8 weeks. I hope they reply soon. I'm so nervous/ anxious.
  17. Did anyone else apply for the lvn program at Weatherford college for spring of 2017?
  18. Weatherford college lvn program spring 2017

    Hi Kelsey, my name is Cher, congrats on getting in! We have started a Facebook group if you would like to join on there now as well. It's weatherford college vocational nursing spring 2017. :)
  19. Weatherford college lvn program spring 2017

    I got in!!! I'm so excited for all of us!!! Can't wait. And hi Hannah, my name is Cher congratulations to you as well.
  20. Has anyone else applied for the lvn program at Weatherford college for spring of 2017?
  21. Weatherford college lvn program spring 2017

    Yay! congratulations! I'm still working, I have to wait till I get home to see if I did. :)
  22. Weatherford college lvn program spring 2017

    Finally! Lol. God I really hope we both get in.
  23. Weatherford college lvn program spring 2017

    I emailed karen long today. This is what she said. I thought I would hear back from the BON last Friday but did not. However, it should be any day now. I will mail them as soon as I have the OK from the BON. Thank you, Karen Long
  24. Weatherford college lvn program spring 2017

    Cool! I will look you up. It would be nice to have a familiar face in class
  25. Weatherford college lvn program spring 2017

    I think they did that maybe bease not enough people applied. I hope we hear things soon though. Best of luck to you. I'm rooting for the both of us.