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  1. Lessstress2

    snf burn out

    i've been doing snf as lvn for more than 14years ,and am burned out. Quit my last snf recently without another job because of the stress which i've never done. have had hard couple years with double mastectomy and loss of my father and my siblings are no longer speaking after death. i now just started another snf and my heart is not in it. in fact i feel nauseated when i walk in, and thats not me. i need a job with a little less patient care. i can't seem to get into any clinics or hospitals like kaiser. please i need help on what to do next i've been an lvn for 18 rears and i'm 49 please help
  2. Lessstress2

    New job ideas please

    Hello everyone. I'm hoping to get some ideas. I've been an lvn in California for 16 years. Most experience is in snf but have done home health and visits also. I'm trying to get out of direct patient care. Besides the fact its emotionally and physically draining. ....it's stressful. I seriously need something less stressful physical and emotionally draining. Please I'm desperate to not be on the floor at snf. Thanks so much in advance.
  3. Lessstress2

    After mastectomy now what?

    Wow you were young. Hope all is well now. I'm going on 4 weeks and can lift arms above head now. How long before you felt comfortable lifting pts? I'm not site I can give cpr,lift pts,or stop a pt from falling mitch less push a heavy med cart. Haven't tried but pretty sure I can't and I'm a little afraid.
  4. Lessstress2

    After mastectomy now what?

    Thank you all for your input. Just saw dr and not ready to go back to work and in 2 weeks she recommends lite duty. Not to sure what work will do with that. In snf the pay is good but the stress is high. I get so attached to my pts. The last pt that passed before my medical leave just about broke my heart. Wondering if I can emotionally still do this job. Would like to switch over to something where there is no pt care directly. Only experience I have is 11 years snf,3 years home health (not liking that),and 2 years visiting nurse (liked that but no reliable money ) Any thoughts?
  5. Lessstress2

    After mastectomy now what?

    Hi everyone. Hoping you can help. I work in a snf for decent money. I've been an lvn in California for 16 years. I'm recovering from double mastectomy and not sure I can return to my current position. I can't even lift my hands above my head and in snf there's a lot of lifting, pushing med cart, and crushing meds. My question is what can I do now for decent money? I need to work. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Lessstress2

    After mastectomy now what?

    Hello. Quick background. I've been an lvn for 16 years in California. Primarily snf but stone home health and home health visits also. I'm currently recovering from a mastectomy. I'm going to have a little recovery time with this, expanders,and then implants. It could be my emotional status but I'm feeling I need to change some things. Once recovered I want to get a job with less stress and less physical strength and maybe even a different state. Any suggestions?