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    Feminine Hygiene for 4th Grade?

    Check with your custodians - ours are the ones that order the terrible diaper type pads the district gives. And P&G hasnt given pads with their growing up kit for a while now. Was deodorant last year.
  2. tamarae1

    Bathroom Breaks

    I would speak with admin about it and ask if it is policy (we know it isn't.) Teaching on the need for drinking water in school - lessens headaches, keeps body hydrated and working properly. If the brain works well, the students learn. Kids that pee on themselves due to ridiculous rules will end up with learning issues and ultimately unhappy teachers.
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    I refused one yesterday because it was microscopic even with a lighted magnifier. There was nothing to grab. Show that baby to your mom! :)
  4. tamarae1

    Medication Changes

    I send home a "home medication inventory" and ask parents to please complete it and return it in order to keep their student's file up to date. It works pretty well, most parents will complete it and return for me - I'm in a SPED/SEBSS program.
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    Therapy dogs and Allergies

    We have 3 therapy dogs that work with us during the week. I had a student with a bad dog allergy. She took her allergy medication in the morning and was still able to interact with the dogs at will. Benefits of therapy animals outweighed the allergies.
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    Crappy question

    Maybe incorporate a plan that gives him a sitting time (on the toilet) of 10-15 mins after breakfast and again after lunch with a book of his choice. Set the timer. Keep a record of sitting times and whether or not a BM was deposited. If you have the facilities at school - have him wash his own clothes out after a BM and put in the washer. Then have him wipe down all surfaces he sat on while pants were dirty. This will force him to take responsibility for his actions. Consistent bathroom schedule. Hope these ideas help.
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    Minor Vent

    Mine comes out every day for work. It is not up for debate here. No big deal.
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    Vision and Hearing Screenings!

    Like the Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener.
  9. tamarae1

    Vision and Hearing Screenings!

    Find the policy on a functional vision screen and submit that if you don't have time to have them learn their letters. I'd ask the pre-k teachers to start having kids recognize the HTOV letters from the first of the year so they could be screened with more confidence by matching what I point to to the card I have them hold. Automated screeners are amazing if you have access to them.
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    SMART goals for student learning

    Poison control, heart health (goes with nutrition and exercise), Importance of drinking water, tooth brushing/dental hygiene, body hygiene (bathing, grooming - always wash your hair, use soap, rinse thoroughly) Stranger danger
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    Best treatment for...

    Cold water, dry, apply Carmex. Takes the burn right out :)
  12. tamarae1

    Tissue thief!

    Its for their kids anyway, they should share!
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    Student Body Odor

    I would let her know that others can smell her and it is sometimes unpleasant - most kids know what you're going to say when they get dragged in for the hygiene talk. I'd also ask a few questions regarding home life: Do you have water at home? Washer? Soap for the machine? Do you know how to use it? Do you have pets at home? How many? That sort of thing. I've had several students with no power or water and that's why they were always dirty.
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    Let me give you a mint for asthma

    I would be happy to pull and print my documentation and leave it with the principal for the parent to come pick up.
  15. tamarae1

    Type 1 diabetics, help!

    Do what her doctor's orders call for.
  16. tamarae1

    Notarization Question

    I've never had a notary charge me before. The reasons of conscience form is free - anyone can download one. It's the signatures - if the doc has to sign off on it, some doctors offices will charge a flat fee for paperwork outside of an appointment.
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    IEP/504 Help!

    IEP - Individual education plan. Because the student is not learning to grade level and needs individualized help in order to pass and catch up. 504 - the student is needing supports from school but not necessarily educationally based (like medical from nurse, or counseling from counselor or LSSP or whatever, ST, OT, PT, you get the idea) Any time you have a student that you see fairly often and they have an IEP or 504 in place, a nursing care plan needs to be drawn up. This is the IHP - Individualized health plan. One for each diagnosis the student carries and needs nursing care for. Example: ADHD, Emotional Disturbance, Anxiety or Diabetes, Seizures, Encopresis, etc. Essentially it is like writing a care plan if in the hospital (back before computers generated them). Good luck! I wrote all of mine last week. Nearly 40 of them. Every one of my students has an IEP and several diagnoses that we work with.
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    Teachers ??

    Depends on the day, and the teacher.
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    First day back for students and already

    At least mom included the Keppra. LOL I know its not funny, but yeah - its typical that's for sure!
  20. tamarae1

    Who is back already?

    I'm here. Been back for a week, the kids start Wednesday! Year number 3 1/2 :)
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    I nearly lost my cool this morning...

    "and other duties as assigned." Can you feel my eyes rolling from here? I hate that everything nasty is immediately a nursing issue. Drives me batty.
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    Elevated and red isn't necessarily positive. I think it has to be something like 15mm to be considered positive for an otherwise healthy individual with no comorbidities or exposures. If they are asymptomatic, and its just a little red spot I wouldn't be concerned. Now, if its swollen halfway around the arm and hot, or blistering - home you go until cleared otherwise.
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    Not lice but what?!

    without seeing a picture - could it be small scabs and dried serous drainage of eczema? Like from scratching your head if it itched and not outwardly breakin the skin? Or blackheads in the hair pores?
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    Some of this may depend on district policy. For us: IHP needs to exist when there is a 504 or IEP in place with a health diagnosis that causes student to come to clinic frequently. In my state, RNs have to write them because it requires an assessment, nursing diagnosis and plan of care. BON says that isn't delegable. IHPs don't trump doctors orders and you need both. Doctor's orders give an emergency or routine medication plan, but the IHP has the nursing dx and nursing nursing plan of care, which is not something the doctor provides. Check with your state health dept and see if they have guidelines for writing a complete IHP. Hope this helps some.
  25. tamarae1

    Nurses Pass?

    In my general ed campuses, yes. With 500 students it kept the elementary kids in the classroom and the teachers in the loop. Plus it helped me learn all 500 of their names. I did notice that if the teacher had to fill out the pass, it reduced some of the unnecessary visits, sometimes. Plus, when you get ridiculous requests, you have them in writing, in a file, to laugh at later. On a specialized campus, no. I know them all and they have to have a teacher with them to be out of the classroom.