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  1. hp3fl

    RPN to BScN 2020

    Anyone here who’s going to apply for OSAP? I feel like unsure with everything right now as a broke-*** new grad RPN, still strugggling with new job and now back to school with more struggles to come.
  2. hp3fl

    RPN to BScN 2020

    I’m on the same page
  3. hp3fl

    RPN to BScN 2020

    Hi everyone, just want to ask if anybody has heard about any result from RPN bridging programs for Mcmaster or Conestoga? If I didn't make the cut, will they give an email or mail about it? Thanks
  4. I don't have my results yet too been waiting for more than a month now. It's so frustrating how they seem to not care at all how some people don't have their results yet.
  5. Also picked timetable A!! :) See you all real soon!
  6. My friend called the preplacement office and they advised her to not worry about it til classes start (or should we all be doing something by now?) anyway, January's coming way too fast!
  7. Hey, just want to ask if anyone here has started the preplacement requirements? Just saw their email.
  8. Congratulations on your acceptance! I have no clue with the course exemptions at all you can always call them about it, excited to meet you all! í ½í¸„
  9. They'll tell us the following steps right? Cause i have no idea what to do after confirming the offer LOL!
  10. Congratulations!! :) i also got my acceptance email last week, so we just have to wait for the registration right? Hope to see you around!
  11. Hi everyone, just want to ask for an update about the application for winter 2017 mohawk college practical nursing program?