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  1. can you take the NCLEX-PN midway a BSN program ? In NYS

    I wanted to know if Nursing students enrolled in a 4 year BSN program were allowed to take the NCLEX-PN and start working as a LPN a some point in their RN program.Do some specific courses need to be completed first in order to be eligible. I have s...
  2. Tips on getting through Nursing fundamentals

    starting out in fundamentals was a big shock after having 7 years experience in healthcare as a CNA and MA working in a hospital I thought I wouldn't struggle with basics of lab skills being taught like mitered bed corners, bed pans, ambulation &...
  3. Currently a nursing student in New York right now I'm working on my bachelors currently to become a RN I wanted to know if there where any schools that offered a duel degree for NM/WHNP OR at least allows you to earn your WHNP and still get certif...
  4. Can a medical assistant take the CNA or PCT exam ?

    I live in New York there are certificate program schools to become a PCT
  5. Can a medical assistant take the CNA or PCT exam ?

    I went to a medical assistant 9 month technical trade school program . At first when I went to the school I was going to do the CNA program which was 1,000 but the student advisor had told me that a young 18 year old wouldn't enjoy such a job so I d...