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KnightsNurse's Latest Activity

  1. KnightsNurse

    USF FNP Fall 2020

    I was under review on the 10th and got the email this morning. But it went over a weekend and a holiday so I figured people might get theirs quicker if it gets reviewed at the beginning of the week
  2. KnightsNurse

    USF FNP Fall 2020

    I got a letter!!!!!! Here I come FNP! Hope everyone else hears back soon!!!!
  3. KnightsNurse

    USF FNP Fall 2020

    Just curious lol
  4. KnightsNurse

    USF FNP Fall 2020

    Do you know why they’re stepping down?
  5. KnightsNurse

    USF FNP Fall 2020

    Yeah it’s been verified since the first week of January
  6. KnightsNurse

    Tampa General or Bayfront?

    If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is the starting pay for a new RN at TGH? I am also trying to decide between TGH and St. Joe's
  7. KnightsNurse

    TGH vs. St. Joe's

    Hi all, I was hoping someone would be able to help me out with some information to compare two hospitals in the way of base pay, overall hospital environment, opportunities for growth, nurse-patient ratio for St. Joeseph's and Tampa General? Thanks, S

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