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  1. Nursinghopeful19

    Kaplan Fundamentals Advice

    Hey Everyone, So my nursing program utilizes the Kaplan system for focused reviews and integrated exams and I am just looking for a little advice. I am taking the Kaplan fundamentals integrated exam in a few weeks and am really stressing. This exam is worth 10% of our grade and if we don't reach a minimum percentage (somewhere in the mid-upper 60's) we receive no points at all. Failing this exam could put me within 0.5-2% of failing the entire course, which is terrifying since I have done reasonably well on every exam up to this point (average 90%). I'm just looking for anyone who had taken these exams what their experience was? I have no idea where to begin to prepare and our instructors have basically given us the advice of "remediate everything" which is overwhelming in your first semester of nursing school. So if anyone has any experience or wisdom they would like to share on how they prepared, I would greatly appreciate it!
  2. Nursinghopeful19

    JCCC 2016 RN Program

    Hi Hopefulgirl 2017! I did get into the program! When they send out acceptance and rejection letters, they will list your rank on the personal admission plan on the JCCC website. With my GPA and ACT I ranked in the top 20 (they accept 64). I know people got accepted with ACT scores significantly lower than mine and there were obviously people who had 4.0 and such but I would say you are definitely a competitive candidate. I have only been in nursing school for roughly 5 weeks so I only have limited experience with the program in general, but I have been extremely impressed with all of the faculty and in my class at least, everyone is super helpful and wants to help each other succeed. But best of luck with the application! The waiting is the hardest part. If you have any questions of what to expect, just message me on here. I am also in the KU dual program so I can give you information on that as well.
  3. Nursinghopeful19

    KU Nursing Program

    I had a 3.69 when I applied to the KUMC nursing program for fall 2016. I was placed on the wait list and was not offered a spot. I was also an intern at KU Med the summer before, had my CNA, was in the University Honors program etc. So they are very competitive, but that does not mean you won't get accepted. I ended up applying to basically every nursing school in the KC area, for fall 2017 and I was fortunate to be accepted into all of them the second time around. I am doing the community college nursing partnership with KU and JCCC, so my bachelors will come from KU but with less loans, less driving (Plus who can beat a KU bachelors degree for basically half price??). That is something I would encourage you to look into. As well as applying to multiple schools. Best of luck to you!
  4. Nursinghopeful19

    KU BSN Waitlist 2017

    If you are talking about the University of Kansas, when I applied last year they had spots for 8 students off the wait list. I don't know how far down on the rankings they went, I just know there were 8 students that declined. Hope that helps!
  5. Nursinghopeful19

    Fall 2017 Applicants

    How do you like the program? I am very excited to start JCCC in the fall and I'd love to hear how your experience has been!
  6. Nursinghopeful19

    Fall 2017 Applicants

    #65 is still really good! I'm pretty confident that at least one person will decline their spot for another program! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  7. Nursinghopeful19

    Fall 2017 Applicants

    I missed the mailman today, of course, but I had a missed certified slip in the mailbox. I checked my personal admission plan and it said "Ranking top 20" so I called the nursing department and I have been accepted! I'm sure you all will be hearing today too! Good luck! Let me know when you hear!
  8. Nursinghopeful19

    How to politely rescind a nursing school acceptance?

    Well I kind of am rescinding, because I have formally accepted the seat, but now that my first choice school has notified me of my acceptance, I no longer would like to attend the school I had accepted. But thank you for all of your advice!
  9. Hello everyone, So I have a slight dilemma. I applied to 4 nursing schools this application cycle and I was fortunate enough to be accepted into all of them. However, as these things tend to happen, the acceptance letters did not all come at the same time and some of the schools had a deadline for when I had to accept/decline my spot. I accepted my seat at one school because I had been wait listed at my first choice school and I did not want to not accept a seat and then be left out of nursing school in the fall. Now, my first choice school has offered me a seat in the fall class, so I need to rescind my original acceptance. How should I go about doing this? Has anyone else been in a similar situation? I did not have to provide a deposit or anything for the school I accepted so I don't need to worry about not getting a refund, I just need to know what the most polite and professional thing to say would be. Thank you all for any advice you can provide!
  10. Nursinghopeful19

    Fall 2017 Applicants

    From what it sounds like, we should be hearing from JCCC soon!! What is your GPA and ACT score?
  11. Nursinghopeful19

    Saint Luke's College of Health Sciences

    Hello all! I just received a phone call this afternoon that I have been admitted as a student in the Fall 2017 semester. I was wondering if any current or former students would be willing to answer some questions for me? What is the weekly schedule like? Where are the clinicals held? How are the professors? I have not even visited the school so if anyone could give me insider information, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  12. Nursinghopeful19

    Saint Luke's College of Health Sciences - Kansas City

    I honestly couldn't tell you. I just checked my portal like two weeks ago and it said I was on the standby list but I never called or emailed them to see what number I was because they sent an email that said they were still reviewing applications. I'm wondering if they do things alphabetically or something. I can tell you my GPA is a 3.71 if that helps you any. I even checked my portal this morning and it still said I was on standby but after the woman called me, my status changed to admitted. Best of luck to you!
  13. Nursinghopeful19

    Fall 2017 Applicants

    I just received a call and I have been accepted to Saint Lukes for the fall. Good luck to all you guys!
  14. Nursinghopeful19

    Saint Luke's College of Health Sciences - Kansas City

    I had checked my portal originally and it said I was on the standby list. I just received a call that I have been accepted! Hope you all get good news as well
  15. Nursinghopeful19

    Fall 2017 Applicants

    No I still haven't heard from JCCC. They are my first choice school so I would love to hear from them soon!
  16. Nursinghopeful19

    Baker University Fall 2017

    Hey Everyone! So I have officially accepted my spot in the Fall 2017 class at Baker University and was curious if there are any fellow classmates out there? I'm looking forward to meeting you all for orientation this summer!

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