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  1. Guidance Needed

    I just considered an RN position in LTC near York. It was their sub acute unit ratio 1:3, rate $44 per hr. At another facility it was $50 an hour for w/e house supervisor. I know this is not your exact area but hopefully it gives you an idea.
  2. Capscare LPN to ADN bridge

    I passed the NCLEX and graduated in June. Passed the first time with 75 questions. Good Program, Just do the work!
  3. Capscare LPN to ADN bridge

    Okay thanks
  4. Capscare LPN to ADN bridge

    Okay so after you completed the HESI review and UWorld you were ready to sit?
  5. Capscare LPN to ADN bridge

    Edna, What did you use to study for the HESI? Thanks
  6. Family friendly cities in Maryland

    Annapolis is great, the state capital, water and the Naval Academy here. Schools in the Broadneck area are great. Don't do glen Burnie, Severn or Pasadena, All in Anne Arundel County. Baltimore is about 40 minutes away.
  7. New RN Grad relocation

    thank you for reply. Do you find it hard to work at the base? I have not seen openings there since I started looking.
  8. New RN Grad relocation

    I am relocating to Delaware in August. What are some options for new grads in central Delaware. I will be living near Dover. Thanks
  9. Capscare LPN to ADN bridge

    Fundamentals as well. How is the studying going?
  10. Capscare LPN to ADN bridge

    Hi, I am enrolled and testing out of the first class. Looking for study buddies in the DMV area.
  11. Capscare LPN to ADN bridge

    Hi, I registered recently. So I am still waiting to join the portal.
  12. Capscare LPN to ADN bridge

    Hi, I tried to reach someone with out success. I will try again in the morning.
  13. Capscare LPN to ADN bridge

    I spoke with someone today to review the prereqs. I will begin next month.
  14. Capscare LPN to ADN bridge

    Hi, I am also in the DMV area and am looking into beginning the program. I am having difficulty reaching anyone. Can anyone tell me how they are reaching someone?
  15. LPN-RN program in Ohio which do you recommend?

    I am in the process of looking at several schools for LPN-RN training. My goal would be to get into a program which offers a completion date within 10-14 months. Interested in any thoughts or experience anyone has had with these programs or any not...