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I also heal cars.

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Catalin has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psych/Med Surg/Teaching.

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  1. Great Salary But Sometimes I Wonder...

    Definitely not worth it. My friend works for amazon and makes $300,000+ yearly. Works 2 - 3 days out of his week. He doesnt have even 5% of the responsibility I have as an RN. Doesn't have to deal with violent patients who have no reprecussions for t...
  2. hello all, My point in this post is that its all just incredibly disappointing how we're treated even worse now than we were before, and the public is paying attention to us now. I picked up this Overtime because I had an emergency before christ...
  3. I've been working through this entire pandemic and it has been nothing but stressful. I am now motivated more than ever to find work off bedside. I now join the increasing number of burnt out nurses who look to leave bedside. Which is awful because b...
  4. What else can I do with my BSN

    All my friends and anyone I meet in a tech field (CS/IT) seem to have it good. Higher pay than RN's, less stress, always able to take breaks (and they take longer breaks during their 8hr shifts), frequent bonuses, good hours, work from home, and unbe...
  5. What else can I do with my BSN

    Well, it's more of a family run CNA school. None of those options are available. There are lots of jobs available in my area, but at this point, after all the things I've dealt with in my career, I don't want to go to anywhere that's not a major hosp...
  6. What else can I do with my BSN

    I currently teach CNA's for a local CNA school. Its the perfect side/2nd job but the hours aren't there. It bums me out because I really enjoyed my rotations in the hospital. My preceptors said that I was "more like a coworker than a student." But I ...
  7. What else can I do with my BSN

    I've been trying to get into a hospital job for the better part of 2 years. No luck. Every job I've been able to land treats their nurses poorly and they're all jobs that have incredibly high turnover (like a SNF for example). I have 1 year experien...
  8. I'm having a hard time finding a good job in Nursing and I've just been frustrated with the field in general. Im heavily considering just leaving the it behind entirely. I've had no enforcements or any sort of issue with my license. I'm considering j...
  9. I'm in the process of growing out my hair and job hunting at the same time. I've gotten comments to shave, which isn't a problem. However I've sacrificed my sanity this summer dealing with all the sweat that comes with having a mop of hair on my head...
  10. Getting a job in a hospital

    Yes I have a BSN. Seems like no matter what I cant even get an interview though. Starting to get a little hopeless
  11. Getting a job in a hospital

    This is all I've been trying to do for months now. But no matter what I can't even get my foot in the door. I live in Washington State and I've been constantly applying for local hospital jobs in my area. Now I've been an RN since mid 2017 and an LPN...
  12. Is this nursing?

    I'm so frustrated with this entire experience so far. I feel like once upon a time it wasn't this bad. I see you have a lot of experience, has it always been like this??
  13. Is this nursing?

    I'm in disbelief over how nurses are treated. I've worked in several areas and completed internships in many more as an lpn and RN. I've been licensed for 3 years and I'm already fed up. Patients, doctors, and management treating me like nothing. An...
  14. Just a vent... medical vs psych

    The thing about Psych is that we don't have doctors or the equipment like Med/Surg does. When I worked M/S, we had different doctors throughout the day whether it be at 3PM or 3AM. We don't have IV machines or any equipment. We needed to remove stitc...
  15. Your facility limit number of admissions? Staffing

    I work psych. My inpatient facility states that you're only allowed 12 patients, but I've also heard of days where it was 14 due to not enough staff.

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