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Catalin has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psych/Med Surg/Teaching.

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  1. hello all, My point in this post is that its all just incredibly disappointing how we're treated even worse now than we were before, and the public is paying attention to us now. I picked up this Overtime because I had an emergency before christmas that ended up costing a lot. I needed all those hours to pay for it. Everyone else seems to have it much easier. Especially that post where teachers got a bonus. It's unreal
  2. I've been working through this entire pandemic and it has been nothing but stressful. I am now motivated more than ever to find work off bedside. I now join the increasing number of burnt out nurses who look to leave bedside. Which is awful because bedside is the most important part of nursing. I look at my friends with envy as they all don't have to commute. Or those who were lucky enough to have their facilities shut down and collect significantly more than I do on unemployment. Meanwhile I'm over here wearing mask and goggles for 12.5 hours each night while being begged to pick up at least another four hours, all while dealing with my increased workload as we can't even get to minimum staffing levels. Not even to mention being at an increased risk to exposure to getting covid. All this while having my paycheck taxed to oblivion. I worked unbelievable amounts of overtime this last period because I need to pay off my credit card. I worked every holiday, I worked at least 100 hours a pay period. I lost 55% of my paycheck to taxes, I really needed that money and I put in the time and effort to make it. It was absolutely heartbreaking for me to sacrifice so much during the holidays and then to just have most of it taken away. Where is the incentive to work during this time!? I'm not in it for just the money, when the patients praise me for the work I've been doing, it feels great. But I am burnt out from the increased workload and now I have to ask my family for money to pay off my bills. There are those making significantly more than me on unemployment while just sitting at home. I know this because they brag about it. There is no doubt in my mind that covid has made things significantly harder on all of us working bedside. But what's the point of it now!? The government can't even give us hazard pay or even a measly tax break. If we, as nurses, are so essential during this time, why can't we be treated like it?
  3. Catalin

    What else can I do with my BSN

    All my friends and anyone I meet in a tech field (CS/IT) seem to have it good. Higher pay than RN's, less stress, always able to take breaks (and they take longer breaks during their 8hr shifts), frequent bonuses, good hours, work from home, and unbeatable benefits. None of them do anything work related when they're off the clock. I like nursing but we're treated as if we're disposable no matter where we go. I believe I chose the wrong field.
  4. Catalin

    What else can I do with my BSN

    Well, it's more of a family run CNA school. None of those options are available. There are lots of jobs available in my area, but at this point, after all the things I've dealt with in my career, I don't want to go to anywhere that's not a major hospital in my area. It's been the same nightmare over and over again. I had high hopes for my psych/detox facility but it turned out to be the same trainwreck. I've had someone look over my Resume and Cover letter and we both remade it, but still no calls. What do you think my chances are of getting into a hospital at this point?
  5. Catalin

    What else can I do with my BSN

    I currently teach CNA's for a local CNA school. Its the perfect side/2nd job but the hours aren't there. It bums me out because I really enjoyed my rotations in the hospital. My preceptors said that I was "more like a coworker than a student." But I cant even get interviews for their floor. They encouraged me to apply and were references.
  6. Catalin

    What else can I do with my BSN

    I've been trying to get into a hospital job for the better part of 2 years. No luck. Every job I've been able to land treats their nurses poorly and they're all jobs that have incredibly high turnover (like a SNF for example). I have 1 year experience in a SNF, 1 year in an inpatient psychiatric/detox, and one year in teaching (which is the only one I enjoy, but has no full time option).
  7. Catalin

    What else can I do with my BSN

    I'm having a hard time finding a good job in Nursing and I've just been frustrated with the field in general. Im heavily considering just leaving the it behind entirely. I've had no enforcements or any sort of issue with my license. I'm considering just going back to school for Computer Science. But what else is my bachelors good for?
  8. I'm in the process of growing out my hair and job hunting at the same time. I've gotten comments to shave, which isn't a problem. However I've sacrificed my sanity this summer dealing with all the sweat that comes with having a mop of hair on my head in this heat and I'd really like not to shave it. I don't style, all I do is shampoo and conditioner. Any suggestions?
  9. Catalin

    Getting a job in a hospital

    Yes I have a BSN. Seems like no matter what I cant even get an interview though. Starting to get a little hopeless
  10. Catalin

    Getting a job in a hospital

    This is all I've been trying to do for months now. But no matter what I can't even get my foot in the door. I live in Washington State and I've been constantly applying for local hospital jobs in my area. Now I've been an RN since mid 2017 and an LPN for a year prior to that. The local residency programs don't want an experienced RN. But every time I apply I'm told I don't have the proper experience. I currently work in an inpatient psychiatric unit and teach a little on the side. I've worked a year in a SNF and really don't want to go back. I'm clueless into what I can do to get in.
  11. Catalin

    Just a vent... medical vs psych

    The thing about Psych is that we don't have doctors or the equipment like Med/Surg does. When I worked M/S, we had different doctors throughout the day whether it be at 3PM or 3AM. We don't have IV machines or any equipment. We needed to remove stitches that were already there when a patient arrived and we didn't even have a suture removal kit. We really don't have much and aren't prepared to handle it in case things go downhill.
  12. Catalin

    Your facility limit number of admissions? Staffing

    I work psych. My inpatient facility states that you're only allowed 12 patients, but I've also heard of days where it was 14 due to not enough staff.
  13. A lot of monitoring/assessments, med passes, and charting.... Even worse since we use paper at my facility. Every once in a while you get to practice your de-escalation skills.