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    Free teaching labor

    When I was in nursing school I always thought it was weird that my preceptor or the people teaching me for the day didn't get paid more. Now that I'm a nurse and can confirm how much more work it is to have a student I'm even more surprised. Do hospitals get paid to have nursing students? do any hospitals pay their nurses more when they have students? I didn't find any answers to these questions on the forum and I was surprised these questions didn't come up more in my googling. Am I the only one that thinks nurses are being taken advantage of by teaching for free?
  2. Does this seem like an ethical dilemma to you? Nursing school faculty providing the exact questions and answers for med math tests in review sessions held days before the test. I am thinking these tests are designed to assess students' ability to perform calculations, thereby reducing the potential for medication errors. Providing the test questions and answers before hand defeats this purpose and is a patient safety risk. Are these tests not as important as I'm making them out to be?
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    Faculty providing questions and answers to med math test

    Thanks for the response. I think my last statement gave you the wrong impression of what my question was about. I am more concerned about this being an ethical concern as it relates to patient safety. Do you think that the faculty actions are ethical or are they perhaps indirectly exposing patients to extra risk by failing to accurately assess a students med math ability.
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    Nurse Corps Scholarship 2016-2017

    I don't know for sure, but I don't think they do a second round of credit checks. Looking at threads for previous years everyone seems to have gotten the credit check at the same time. Also, in last years thread on September 17th someone received the award (I'm assuming one of the last awarded). That person said they had gotten their credit checked with everyone else in July. Since I didn't get my credit checked I'm assuming that I'm not in the running anymore. That doesn't mean I've stopped checking my email!:)