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  1. Are there countries that allow US nurses to work there? What would I need to do? What requirements would I have to fulfill?
  2. New Grad Resident at Cleveland Clinic

    Hello all, Earlier this month I asked a question about the Cleveland Clinic. I just did a phone interview with someone from HR and I have two second interviews with hiring managers in the next couple of days. It's getting real. Can anyone tell me the...
  3. How is working at the VA?

    Hello all, I just had an interview at the VA near me and I thought it went fantastic! If you work there, I have a few questions: 1) what do you like about it? 2) what don't you like about it? 3) how are new grads treated? 4) I was interested in joi...
  4. Cleveland Clinic or just stay home?

    no not an offer yet, just a possible avenue. it would be 8 hour drive or 3 hour flight. I'm fresh out of college at 22 years old. someone I know moved out at that age.
  5. Cleveland Clinic or just stay home?

    Hi all, Thank you for the feedback from my last post about out of state licensing. After speaking with a recruiter, I decided to apply next week since the endorsement process wouldn't need to be started unless I get an interview with the hiring mana...