Richard Jaffe is an employment discrimination attorney in Long Island, NY.

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Richard volunteers as a Firefighter and Medic (AEMT-CC) for the Jericho Fire Department.

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  1. How an Attorney Can Protect Nurses' Rights Regarding Mandatory Overtime Requirements Requiring any employee to work mandatory overtime hours can cause difficulty for the worker and affect the quality of work. When registered nurses and licensed prac...
  2. Hello, all, To those who asked for an example of nurse discrimination in the workplace, particularly hospitals, please see this case: Nurse with rare brain disorder wins $4M suit against hospital | New York Post The verdict was upheld by the appella...
  3. Nurses play an important role in delivering healthcare to patients. It is the nurse who tends to a patient first before seeing a doctor. It is the nurse who answers many of the questions for you and your loved ones. It is the nurse who assists a doct...