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  1. chakra_'19

    Summer 2017 Chat

    I am also starting nursing school in the fall(pre req free)! last one is micro for me!
  2. Yeah and I'm having trouble getting my financial aid together someone is always out of office, I kindof wish I just did an ABSN
  3. I work as a nursing assistant in passavant and a psych tech at an agency prn in trying to move casual at the hospital. I'm planning to work full time still because I only have the nursing classes and my second job is super easy. I'm also taking a loan out for living expenses just in case I have to cut back hours
  4. It's okay I managed to get it faxed and mailed just in case. Anyone still working full time?
  5. Did anyone mail the letter back? i don't have access to a fax machine
  6. I got in too!! Ccac North evenings❤
  7. chakra_'19

    I'd love some input

    I think program B as well because it's in person giving you that exposure and honestly you wouldn't have to do the EMT with all the exposure but if you still wanted to do EMT then it leaves it open. The NCLEX pass rates may be on the lower side but that doesn't mean you can't pass it! About your GPA maybe you could take an extra class to bring it up higher even though that 3.5 is still pretty competitive. Above anything, you said it was your dream school so that should be indication enough!
  8. Check your emails! Should know this week but still the frustration is annoying but what can you do
  9. I see okay thank you
  10. So you can pick your schedule out of a group of options? Do you know what Tuesday and Thursday's weekend clinicals are? Would I be allowed to pick the wednesday with Saturday eve clinical myself or do they pick whats for you based on leftovers from the "lottery" lol
  11. I haven't yet either but I'm hopefully for next week! BTW does anyone know what the evening/weekend hours are like? I may need to work Thurs/Friday 1-11 and Sunday/Monday 7-3 or Sunday/Monday 3-11 and Thurs/Fri/Sat 7-3, this is my second job and it is an EASY psych outpatient home that I basically get paid to do my homework at. I'm also trying to move my first job from fulltime to casual at my hospital so I have a lot of wiggle room for houurs but I don't know what the weekend hours are for the program other than it says available from 6-5 but what specifically and for both days?
  12. Thank you your response helped a lot!
  13. Thanks for the reply. No I'm not a nurse and I did explore becoming a dietitian but thought that I could be a diabetes educator as a psych nurse because I have different areas of psychairtic nursing that'd I'd like to explore and diabetes/eating disorders would be an area (my preferred) but I guess it really isnt an area?
  14. I forgot to mention my ultimate degree is to have a MSN or DNP
  15. Hello, i was curious if I would be able to work as a Psych NP that specialized and was certified with diabetes education and eating disorders (specifically adolescents) or if I should become a Nurse educator and get the certification? I feel like either direction would work, but would like input! Why Psych is I have a degree and Psychology and have worked with the mentally ill for 3 years now but have a great interest in nutrition and how controlled nutrition is the key to a lot of medical issues and would like to cross mental and medical in diabetes and anorexia/bulliema alike. thank you!
  16. I applied through email on MLK day then the next day in person. No confirmation either way so far so beats me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but I heard they email you in a few weeks when they start reviewing