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  1. Multiple CNA's refusing assigned task

  2. One A, or two C's?

    Thank you to everyone who replied. I reached out to one of my professors after doing poorly on my last exam. He told me I shouldn't be working full time and taking two science courses. Too late now, I already paid and think taking an incomplete is wo...
  3. One A, or two C's?

    I am taking A&P with lab and Microbiology with lab, for pre reqs for an LPN to RN bridge. I have yet to apply, and I do worry about Cs affecting my admission. However, I understand they look at ALL grades (my LPN program A's), work experience (I ...
  4. One A, or two C's?

    Right now I am working full time and taking two hybrid courses. They are pre reqs, to hopefully get into an LPN bridge. I am struggling to keep up but passing both classes right now. I cannot help but believe if I was only taking one class I would ha...
  5. Say something or no?

  6. Say something or no?

    I'm looking for input. Would keep your mouth shut or say something to an old co worker, who is a new hire at your current job. I found out a former coworker (tech) is starting at my place of employment next week. We had a great working relationship b...
  7. Discussing salary with co workers

    I totally agree I would not be upset with my coworker if I knew there was a wage gap.
  8. Exposure question!

    In my opinion please try not to worry. Gastric contents on intact skin is not likely to cause you any harm. You washed your hands and told your instructor not much more you can do.
  9. Discussing salary with co workers

    Thank you for the replies. I believe the secrecy most benefits the employer. If you and I do the same exact job and I have 12 years experience and you have 15 years experience. You make $18 per hour more than I do, or if I make $8 more than you, is t...
  10. Discussing salary with co workers

    In general what is everyone's opinion on discussing salary with co workers? I understand that some people are "worth" more than others due to experience and education, however if people are performing the same duties daily there should not be a huge ...
  11. Multiple CNA's refusing assigned task

    Curious to know when the last time this nurse toileted a disabled patient who uses a wheelchair? Certainly I hope one understands by the time one transfers a person from bed to a wheelchair, and then from wheelchair to toilet takes significantly long...
  12. Multiple CNA's refusing assigned task

    I haven't mastered the quote feature yet, but I will figure it out eventually, hopefully.
  13. Multiple CNA's refusing assigned task

    When I see nurses in the ED running up and down the hall calling for a CNA to help toilet a patient or attend to some other ADL because they are "too busy" or have "too many other tasks to do" I find it frustrating. That is not to say that as an RN I...
  14. Multiple CNA's refusing assigned task

    Yeah, this is what I asked before I phoned the unit manager at home. She was like" I'm not doing it." And continued to sit there. The other girl I asked left and the guy I asked said no, then made sure to get busy doing something else.
  15. Multiple CNA's refusing assigned task

    I'm looking for input on how you would handle a sutuation. There are 5 CNA's assigned to the unit they are also assigned halls. The CNA assigned to the hall I was working had just left to take a lunch break. I went in to give a patient his medicatio...