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  1. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Gwinnett technical college lpn bridge program 2018

    Hi I was wondering if you got in?
  2. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment?

    No what you did was give a statement like you know all the facts and you don’t sweetie. My feelings are not hurt. I’m laughing as we speak because you’re and idiot!!!!
  3. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment?

    And everyone who has something smart to say, I did not work, I stayed in a safe area with my child and reported I work once everything was done. If that makes me a terrible nurse then I guess I’ll be that!!! You can take care of them, I’ll be there afterwards!!!!
  4. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment?

    This is two years old and really I shouldn’t be entertaining this but I have time today! First off I put myself on the list to work after the storm! But as most of us know these facilities rarely give a care about what your plans are. Second Who are you to tell me that I didn’t take my child’s needs into consideration? You’re a whole nobody who doesn’t know me at all. Your comment is laughable, you’re actually talking like we are good girlfriends and you know my life story. I really enjoy this forum and I’d like to continue to be apart of it which is the only reason why you didn’t cursed out and your feelings hurt!
  5. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment?

    That was sarcasm
  6. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Gordon State College Fall 2019 Hopefuls

    Hello no I am applying this December when the application opens up for next fall. I finished most of my prerequisites. They require human growth and development and history so I’m taking those now and I take the Kaplan in a few weeks. Did you apply?
  7. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Gwinnett Tech: Fall 2019

    I am also an LPN and I will be applying for the spring 2020. I was told that the bridge option isn’t as competitive as the traditional route. I’ll be taking my Kaplan at the end of this month and right now my GPA is 3.6 so I’m hoping I get a high Kaplan score. Good luck
  8. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Georgia Perimeter College LPN-RN Bridge Spring 2018?

    Hey, did you get in? I see in their site that they only look at the math and reading for the teas?
  9. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    West Ga Tech ASN Spring 2018

    Hello does this school require all sections for the teas? And what score are they looking for? Thank you
  10. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Gordon State College Fall 2019 Hopefuls

    Hello did you get accepted? I'll be applying in December of 2019. I have five classes that I'll be finishing next year. I am doing the bridge. Was it a hard process? Thank you.
  11. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Gordon State College Spring 2018 hopefuls

    Hello, did you guys apply to the traditional track? I'm bridging and was told as long as I meet the goa requirements and pass the Kaplan I'm almost garaunteed a seat becaus they don't ever have many bridge students. Congrats everyone. I will be applying December of next year.
  12. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Lanier Tech Spring 2018

    Hello all when you started here did you need to give them all your transcripts from other schools? I took a literature class when I was 18 and I found out that I owe them 2000. I had no idea until a few months ago now they are holding my transcripts but I want to apply. To there new ASN program as I'm already an LPN.
  13. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Georgia Highlands LPN-RN bridge program

    hello all, I know this is a year old but I plan on applying next year and am wondering when the actually class starts and ends. thank you.
  14. CNAbutLPN2be2017


    can anyone list a couple good bridge programs in the Atlanta area, I do have a few on my list but I am trying to explore all my options. I had no idea that schools were this limited and competitive. I really don't want to move back to FL but I will if I have to if need be. Thank you.
  15. Hello I have a coworker that is not on this site and wants me to ask a question. She wants to move to another state due to the fact that she is divorcing, she has applied for an endorsement license in the state that she plans in moving but her license is currently under investigation, over a dressing change. Anyways, she just wants to know if there is anyone out there who has gotten a license in another state while under investigation. Thanks
  16. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment?

    I just needed to know one simple thing, it was answered so why you feel like I need to explain my life story to you is a mystery to me! I'm done responding! Thank you