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  1. I apologise Wuzzie. You and a few others gave me a solid response from an outside perspective which I appreciate. After that there seemed to be quite a few people commenting about my issues not being a disability or that rotating shifts aren't a big deal. Maybe what I wrote was confusing. I got my answer- looks like I screwed up time to move on which is helpful- I needed a kick in the pants to give it up and just focus on other hospitals now.
  2. Ouch guys. : ( For people giving advice on a thread for people who have disabilities you are pretty quick to jump to the 'oh she just doesn't want to work hard/ mess up her sleeping habits'. Part of the reason I stupidly thought I should explain myself was to make sure the hiring manager understood I wasn't just being entitled or something. I'll keep it to myself next time since most of you suggested it, but /this/ is exactly why I thought I should try and give her a reason. Thanks for making me feel like crap all over again. I hope you give the next person asking for advice the benefit of the doubt when they say they have a health issue.
  3. I do have a disability which makes it dangerous to alter sleep habits too much. Only night shifts are still worrisome, but rotating day/ night is basically setting myself up to fail.
  4. The job originally said it wasn't rotating but when I showed up to the interview I was invited in for, they had changed it but she didn't tell me that before I got there. She apologized of course, I think she thought it wouldn't matter because for most people it wouldn't. I didn't (and wouldn't have) applied for a job that had requirements I couldn't meet and then try and make them accommodate me.
  5. So, here is a question for you guys... do I ignore it? Do I go talk to them? Do you think I'm making too much of a fuss? I'm at a loss but it sucks. Here's the story quickly. I graduated school and about a month later, while waiting to get my ATT for the NCLEX I was able to meet a hiring manager for a major hospital that I have always wanted to work for. She seemed really interested in me and gave me her information/ and was happy to talk to me. She even mentioned that if the right job came up I could be 'hired' with the caveat I get my license. So, one time I contacted her and she actually had a job that said they weren't hiring new grads but she knew that wasn't absolutely set in stone and told me to apply! So I do and I'm invited into an interview only to learn that they changed the shift times and is that ok? Well... no its not. I didn't really explain that time and she was really apologetic for not telling me before I got there. Then, after a few more conversations on the phone, I sort of explain without saying exactly whats up, that I can't do rotating shifts. I thought she sounded understanding but then it was like, a wall went up. And now its been 6 weeks with some actual possible jobs and I have my RN now. She won't answer, won't take messages, won't respond to emails. At first I thought it was because of holidays but she still won't respond or pick up. She was so helpful before, always responded, usually picked up the phone... I just don't know what to do. Should I go talk to her in person or just let it go? It's my dream hospital and I feel like I screwed up any possibility of working there. Thanks for any advice guys.
  6. LaneyD

    Disclosure and mental illness

    Thanks! I won't go to Texas then... : (
  7. Hey everyone, I am in school now but heading toward the finish line. I was told over and over that having mental illness would not be an issue as long as it was controlled- and that employers would help accommodate if it wasn't too outlandish. Now I keep finding articles saying that almost all state boards require you to disclose any mental illness. I'm seeing some people say yes, do it, and others say don't because they will use it against you. I have no idea what to do once I get to the end of school. If I need my psych doc to write a note to make sure I don't have to do changing shifts, will that be an issue too? Can they fire me? I mean, obviously I wouldn't apply to a job that said it was all rotating shifts. In my head I was hoping to barter by offering to work lots of holidays and weekends to avoid any additional 'requirement' attached to the end of all day or all night jobs but now I feel like that is not something to even bring up. Almost all new grad jobs have those additions to them and I get needing to pay dues but it isn't just an inconvenience, its dangerous for me- but it sounds like I can't say that and expect to get a job... Honestly, I think this is pretty messed up. If your doc or NP thinks your safe to work how is that not discrimination? I've been stable over a year and am doing just fine in school but I don't want to get in trouble with BON and I really don't want to jeopardize my health by setting myself up to fail with sleep disturbances. I love med/surg and my school at least is letting me only do day shifts to keep me healthy for my transitions term. Suggestions on what to do or where to work?
  8. LaneyD

    DNP Dual Degrees?

    Hello! I am a current nursing student looking for advice from nurses and instructors! I am trying to figure out the best way to specialize without boxing myself in. Basically I am looking to work in Rural care and maybe international care, meaning that I would like to have broad scope of practice as an NP since there is a good chance I will need it. However I want to work in women's health mostly. I am seeing lots of MSN dual degrees currently, but since things seem to be changing toward DNP it seems like a bad option. Has anyone gone through this? Should I get an FNP first and then specialize or do people know of some dual DNP degrees in the making? I feel like I will end up spending a lot more money going to school two different times. Anyone that can help me? Thanks so much!