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ayejay09 has 2 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg.

Currently pursuing my BSN. I've been a nurse for 2 years. Work at Vanderbilt Medical Center

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  1. ayejay09

    Doctor stole my stethoscope

    I purchased a lilac Littmann this week and got it engraved. And it no longer leaves my side. Problem solved.
  2. We self schedule. You have to pick 4 weekend days (out of 6 weeks) and have to do 1 on call on the weekend. Our weekends tend to be covered more because who doesn't want an extra $6 an hour?
  3. ayejay09

    Travel Nurse with a Pit Bull - Housing Question

    Extended stay hotels are your best bet. I have 2 pitties and that's how they travel with me.
  4. ayejay09

    Nursing Starting To Scare Me

    I was not eaten as a new nurse. However, I was confident but asked questions. I also learned not to take any crap off of anyone. You say you're thinned skinned, you might want to toughen up. Not only do nurses eat their young, but doctors, families, and patients will yell at you. It's just a fact of the job. But don't be afraid to be a nurse. You might just have to find the right specialty for you. I thought I wanted to be an ER nurse. I even have co-workers tell me I would be great for it. But I think Med-Surg is my calling. It's ever changing and challenging at the same time. I love being a nurse and wouldn't change it for the world. =] Good luck in nursing school!
  5. ayejay09

    Not taking a break

    No matter what floor or hospital I've worked at, I've taken at least my 30 minute (sometimes 15-20) break. I eat my lunch and then go back to work. I pass off my pager/phone after checking up on my patients. I know in some settings this may be hard, but you can't take care of patients if you're passed out due to hypoglycemia.
  6. ayejay09

    Who loves med-surg?

    I love med-surg when I can actually do my job. My currently facility restricts RNs because we are a prestigious medical teaching facility. Doctors get priority over nurses. Overall, I love my job and the patients I see.
  7. ayejay09

    New Charge Nurse

    I've never heard of switching assignments for social reasons. There have been a couple of times I've REQUESTED not to have a certain patient back, but it doesn't happen often. And I request that way if it doesn't happen it isn't a big deal.
  8. ayejay09

    Doctor stole my stethoscope

    This was the ONE time I forgot my stethoscope.
  9. ayejay09

    New Grads With Attitude

    I'm not a new grad, but even when I was I didn't act like that. I love working my nights. Who doesn't love holiday pay? And i'm always eager to learn new things. I even show our new nurses things when I'm doing something that doesn't come up often. Just last night I walked a newbie through de-accessing a port. You have to be willing to do the time. If not, then hospital nursing isn't for you. We should always been hungry for more knowledge. When we think we know it all, patients die.
  10. ayejay09

    Doctor stole my stethoscope

    So, this week hasn't been fun. My lovely Litmann that I received as a Christmas gift has been stolen by a doctor. I've even gone so far as to post fliers around the unit. I know that many nurses have their stethoscope stolen. My thought is "If doctors are stealing our stethoscopes, why are the facilities not paying us for those EXPENSIVE things?" Take it out of their paychecks. Every stethoscope stolen results in money taken from their paychecks. Or make them pool money together to supply us stethoscopes. Needless to say, I miss my stethoscope. Who else has these problems? How do you track your stethoscope down?
  11. ayejay09

    ATI Live review/Predictor Score

    I scored a 98% pass rate and passed with 110 questions in 30-45 minutes.
  12. ayejay09

    "Are you a Christian?"

    I've had to deal with this question. And I'm not Christian.. I'm Wiccan! I find it easier just to stay away from the topic or lie to make them feel better. I've actually had a patient request not to have me as a nurse because I said I was spiritual. So, I learned my lesson.
  13. ayejay09

    I know this gets posted often...

    It took me 3 months to find a job in nursing. This is in an area that had a critical nursing shortage. I did 6 months of psych before finally getting an acute care job. Good luck. There is no logic to it.
  14. ayejay09

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Summer 2016

    Congrats to all who were accepted! I am a current RN 2 here at Vanderbilt. Welcome to the Vandy family!