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danikyo has 2 years experience.

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  1. danikyo

    Select Specialty Hospital

    RexRN, I am an LPN with over 2 years experience, who just got her RN. I would like to hear how it's been going with Select since your took a position with them back in 2011?
  2. danikyo

    Compairing Nashville New Grad Residency Programs

    Greetings, J. Cruz, not sure you are on here often, but wanted to see how your first year at TriStar has gone? I will be doing practicum in a few days at one of their sites and hope to sit for RN boards in a few months. Would love to hear your feedback,
  3. danikyo

    Housing woes!

    I am a native Californian who moved over a decade ago to TN so I could afford a home, so I totally get this. Plus I am also looking to travel. One other thing I don't miss is the CRAZY horrid traffic...Are you sure you want to deal with that mess, LOL? I am also looking to travel at some point...One place in Cali. that has a great hippie Vibe is either Arcata or Eureka. If you can get an assignment there, check it out! If you like it enough, it's still very affordable, but small town!
  4. danikyo

    Gypsy/Nomad RNs - Tips and Experience?

    I am so sorry no one replied. I am also headed in the travel direction...and will be looking for answers for some of your same questions. Please give us an update on your investigation.
  5. danikyo

    Homeless Nursing: How to save money on the road.

    I agree, Guys have the advantage here, statistically. I would totally cut corners like this, but my husband will be traveling with me and is pickier along with back issues....so we cannot go as cheap.
  6. danikyo

    WKU ADN program Fall 2015

    I know both these posts are super old....but did either of you get into the bridge program a WKU? I currently applying so I am wondering how it is going?

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