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  1. Hey, I wanted to know if any users had a good review for a nursing school they attended or a preparation program, because I don't have a strong science and medical background for physicians assistant study or something similar. I'm a former student at a nursing school but I didn't get far enough to actually consider myself, like I didn't even get to fundamentals or the clinical aspects, I was given the books, and chapters in the syllabus and was on my own - 7 weeks and quiz every week, test every 2 weeks. I can't describe how disturbing this was that I could not fathom to pick up all the material from so many resources such as books, ati and tutoring and think critically. I had ended up in lpn school later but that was a fail because of personal reasons, and I don't want to go there anymore because their was miscommunication words exchanged between me and a faculty member and I don't want to go back there. To resolve the issue ( cause I've not been successfulI in the schools I went to ) I was thinking about going to take a cna course while I'm out of school, so I'm active and being involved while I'm trying to find a good fit. Believe me it's not easy being in nursing school or school in general sometimes, besides the work it's the energy professors give off and the way others treat you because your a student, it's not easy. I kindve like to stay to myself and keep things to myself and just learn and other students might be more outgoing, and that's the students that form more bonds, - Its good to make contacts with all classmates I guess and form study groups but I feel like if their was some direction it would be better. It's one thing to study and think you have and but the test is asking to think critically when your not being exposed to that in the classroom, only lectures about what's in the book, that's not nice. I really despise the way this study (nursing) has been distributed to us students and I wish I had my mind set on something else but after all the years I spent waiting to start, like going to complete my degree so I can do an accelerated program then overthinking my decision that maybe a 2 year program would be better, I feel like I'm operated and maybe I feel like I was just not guided right during the time when I was considering this as a career path. So, I know this is long but I don't got nothing to do but think about going to work so share your thoughts about your concerns in starting or your experience for the rest of us.
  2. misspy

    LPN program in NY

    Me too, I also have my bachelors. I think the LPN option is okay because at least you can get some healthcare experience. I was considering doing the practical nursing once, but a counselor told me not to and so I just continued with my studies trying to figure out what to do and I got a degree though. I feel I could go back and have more options since I would have a degree, I can apply to any kind of program, but I would never get financial aid. Either way you might have to take some biology before going into the program. I don’t think it really matters if you take it before or after, its up to you whether you would want to take those classes while you work. However, during the time you are waiting to start, you can take one or two just to fill in the space and get involved in your studies. Hope this helped, and I wrote a bit more because I realize how many say just go and skip to the RN but the nursing programs are very particular, it takes a lot of getting adjusted to because you don’t have chances like in regular college courses.
  3. misspy

    Got in, and failed 😔😔

    Check your message 🙂
  4. misspy


    Typically you see the results right after taking the exam. Otherwise you have to wait until the professor puts the grade up. I suggest using KhanAcademy to go over the body systems. I also believe you should look for a good pathophysiology book that works for you.
  5. misspy

    Ati tests compared to regular tests

    When I took pathophysiology I didn’t pass a single ati exam...I’m sure if you pass with C’s and get a pretty good grade on another you will probably pass in addition to your other work.
  6. Yeah I feel you completely: almost 100%. And these professors and tutors dont be caring because they already a nurse or whatever. You might not want to accept it but they believe they are better, I'm not sure if they realize they feel like this... As much low self esteem as ive had in life I did not believe I failed one of my nursing courses until I gor a complete F. I didn't really have the motivate to go to school like that either. Like i just didnt feel comfortable talking and stuff around the other students because I think they be jealous or something ...and since I felt kindve withdrawn I'm just like this is not good. I didnt want to be around them and the professor wasnt accommodating really. All the money being paid and you want me to do all these things...and I'm failing...and generally mentally deterioraring. It seemed like the only way to spend most of my time on that. Nothing else could be done for long periods of time and that was like prison. I'm glad to be out there.
  7. Well guys i know we all have heard -nursing school is hard..., its not hard you just have to read well, I think we should be able to give real ideas of what we are doing or did is nursing school, to kind of provide others who are looking forward to nursing school. So me, i unfortunately didn’t do good in my nursing school. I will not name the school i went to but this is how it went So in my school attendance was very important, being even 1 minute late seemed like a problem. Once the clock hit or even 5 minutes before it seemed if your name was called and you weren’t there, = late. I had to do an appeal for being 5 minutes late... sometimes i just didn’t want to rush, why run to stress. Next thing the grades worked like this: There were core assignments and supplemental assignments. The core assignments consisted of 3 exams and around 3- 5 homework assignments All core assignments were ATI. If you do not pass the core assignments with at least a 76% the supplemental dont even count, you just fail, - its not combined. The supplemental assignments usually consists of a research paper, and some other little projects like quizzes, and a worksheet etc. If you pass the core assignments with a 76% you still have to score well on your supplemental assignments which is also 76%. So guys lets share our experiences and show what to expect in nursing school!
  8. misspy

    Got in, and failed 😔😔

    I'm very aware that people are not responsible for my success or failure; it is the way we respond guys!
  9. misspy

    Got in, and failed 😔😔

    Ok Alex_RN, I'm glad you passed your for-profit RN degree. The thing is people have different personalities and not everyone is going to see things the way you do. Its nothing that anyone can do about that, nor is it your place, nor a psychologist to judge. We all have different lives, and our environments and lifestyles pretty much meshed us into who we are, that's all i want to say.
  10. misspy

    Got in, and failed 😔😔

    Don't be so ...down, to me it seems like your not passionate about anything...going from nursing to computer science? It seems like two different things. Also you should do this because you want to do it not anyone else. For instance my mother has told me, be a nurse since my beginning college days when I was struggling with grades and what I wanted to do because she works and cleans and does nursing like things; After getting myself academically together I looked into it and now when I'm questioning whether I should be doing this, like because im overwhelmed, and I kindve look for guidance from her all she says is, well I only thought this is what you wanted to do. So sometimes you just need to explain things clear so you don't have expectations.
  11. misspy

    Chamberlain yes or no?

    I think if you completed all your classes, you might want to review the rest of non-nursing classes you need to take so it can be done, so that you do not have to pay as much. Its fast paced 8 weeks/class, and at times you will take 2 classes at a time [ that is if you finished all your non-nursing courses ]. You are expected to read almost everything, so time is important, also get always have a head start on preparing before the actual class week begins.
  12. Sound a little similar to me... Well I'm almost near 30 now and I live at home. Its discouraging that I'm going back to school, instead of moving on with adulthood; i feel may be its not really their fault but mine because I shouldn't still be there so its my responsibility to leave. I understand much, I tried a program and I failed. It was also fast paced and I felt like such a dummy because I just couldnt concentrate the way I wanted. With a normal program it seems like you can actually schedule time somewhere for study and then crash like another user suggested...with fast paced or accelerated programs its different. Overall I think staying could be ok, also I would kindve want to stick around mom ya know to be the good energy ya know. Lpn programs aint that long you'll be out in a year. Just stay focused, dont bring school work home, and dont bring personal buiz to study; dont let the two intertwine. When you go home enjoy a nice cup of tea, wine, something relaxing to promote well being and positivity and get your mind off things; less worry. Itll also be nice to ask your mom about her well being.
  13. misspy

    Failed out my ADN on the last exam

    Wow I thought once you did half your program you could apply to take the pn-nclex, if that's what its called. I believe i read that somewhere some time ago. Hopefully things work out for the best and everything falls into place ☺
  14. misspy

    Older Student, Unprofessional Nurse During Clinical

    Do you know how mich teachers go through, is it okay to talk about the kids; some teachers have had miscarriages because of students ...they are drained but they are very wrong to talk out about it students. The only thing is to do you best, and realize you will not make everybody happy and bot everyone will like you, if theres some conflict between you and the patient, move to the side and reach out to someone.
  15. misspy

    Older Student, Unprofessional Nurse During Clinical

    You right, you shouldn't even have to explain anything. I know that as a nursing student respectful communication is a very important component to being a nurse now. I'm sure you've had to spend some time on that, if your in a bachelor's program. Maybe these "nurses", "that got sometging to say" in response to your story without any kind of empathy are not hip to those new standards either because they've attended nursing school so long ago and they just miserable...after they worked so hard to be miserable or they don't continue to advance in their career. Stay focused because most probably don't even know what these nursing programs require of new students now. But we ain't complaining...its ok, soon robots gon take over and none of these nurses gonna be needed because there's gonna be scientific cures made by the robots 😁.
  16. misspy

    Got in, and failed 😔😔

    Yeah, I've been pursuing this for a while. It's pretty ridiculous now how these college games work. I'm just kindve sitting back reflecting now, not even worried as much. All I can do is try my best, nothing more.