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Good Nursing school in NJ-& me venting this is a long topic


Hey, I wanted to know if any users had a good review for a nursing school they attended or a preparation program, because I don't have a strong science and medical background for physicians assistant study or something similar. I'm a former student at a nursing school but I didn't get far enough to actually consider myself, like I didn't even get to fundamentals or the clinical aspects, I was given the books, and chapters in the syllabus and was on my own - 7 weeks and quiz every week, test every 2 weeks. I can't describe how disturbing this was that I could not fathom to pick up all the material from so many resources such as books, ati and tutoring and think critically.

I had ended up in lpn school later but that was a fail because of personal reasons, and I don't want to go there anymore because their was miscommunication words exchanged between me and a faculty member and I don't want to go back there.

To resolve the issue ( cause I've not been successfulI in the schools I went to ) I was thinking about going to take a cna course while I'm out of school, so I'm active and being involved while I'm trying to find a good fit.

Believe me it's not easy being in nursing school or school in general sometimes, besides the work it's the energy professors give off and the way others treat you because your a student, it's not easy. I kindve like to stay to myself and keep things to myself and just learn and other students might be more outgoing, and that's the students that form more bonds, - Its good to make contacts with all classmates I guess and form study groups but I feel like if their was some direction it would be better. It's one thing to study and think you have and but the test is asking to think critically when your not being exposed to that in the classroom, only lectures about what's in the book, that's not nice. I really despise the way this study (nursing) has been distributed to us students and I wish I had my mind set on something else but after all the years I spent waiting to start, like going to complete my degree so I can do an accelerated program then overthinking my decision that maybe a 2 year program would be better, I feel like I'm operated and maybe I feel like I was just not guided right during the time when I was considering this as a career path.

So, I know this is long but I don't got nothing to do but think about going to work so share your thoughts about your concerns in starting or your experience for the rest of us.