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  1. cdavrn

    Learning From My Mistakes And Successes

    I won't offer you any platitudes about how everything happens for a reason...but you are right, our situations are different. I hope that you can get to the bedside, but there ARE jobs out there and available for nurses with little/no experience. M...
  2. cdavrn

    Learning From My Mistakes And Successes

    Apparently, in certain states (one of which is PA) it is completely within a corporations right to refuse to hire smokers...though I think testing their hair for nicotine is a bit crazy. Here's an article outlining the issue: Pennsylvania Hospitals'...
  3. So, here I am...13 years as a Pediatric Nurse (Intensive Care Unit), and my back finally crapped out on me I've got a herniated disk in my neck, leading to right arm weakness and numbness - surgery will help, but I've been unable to get it as of now...
  4. I've been a nurse in a Pediatric care unit for 13 years - and am working on my Master's in Nursing Education. However, I have always had an interest in Infection Control and Epidemiology, and worked as the Chair of the unit IC committee for 2 years,...