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  1. Brwnidbeauty

    Nurse Beaten by Patient Denied Request for Unpaid Time Off and Fired

    This is HORRIBLE. Hope this Nurse hot a good lawyer! worth every penny, and deserves to be taken care of. Hospitals carry insurance and make Millions... need to be accountable for taking care of their own!!!! Best wishes
  2. Brwnidbeauty

    CCM 90 CEUS REQUIRED......

    Thank you so much!!! will definitely look at this.
  3. Brwnidbeauty

    CCM 90 CEUS REQUIRED......

    Greetings! Can anyone give me some advice on where they received their CCM CEUs? I would like to get as many "free" as I can! Thanks In Advance!
  4. I actually thinks its easier for new Nurses to get hired VS Experienced nurses due to Nursing Schools having congrats with the Hospitals. Plus, experience nurses usually want to be pain more.
  5. Brwnidbeauty

    New grad per diem job offer - am I being ripped off?

    Should be getting more. I know LPN/LVN who are getting $22-23 per hour! You deserve better pay. Best Wishes.
  6. Brwnidbeauty

    CNAs sleeping on the job... What can I do as a new nurse?

    When I worked night shift, not only CNA's but RN's slept on the job. Administration new about it, other Team Mates new about it, and NOTHING was ever done! Best Wishes!
  7. Brwnidbeauty

    Interruptions during my med pass

    Yes, totally agree, Nurses should not be interrupted during med pass, unless its a true emergency
  8. Brwnidbeauty


    Thank you, I am not a Member but will join.
  9. Brwnidbeauty


    Has anyone taken the Case Management Certification Exam? If so, what can you tell me about the exam/your experience? Also, is anyone planning to take the exam? Thank you. Stasia
  10. Brwnidbeauty

    How to get un-barred

    Absolutely Agree with everything you said.
  11. Brwnidbeauty

    I'm So Over Nursing. I would rather work at Costco!!

    Have you thought of leaving the bedside? Try Case Management, UM, or UV.... :)
  12. Brwnidbeauty

    ACLS Certification

    I agree
  13. Brwnidbeauty

    ACLS Certification

    Yes!!! excellent site. Also, the ACLs book they give you will have a web site you login and it will go over Stroke, Pharmacology and all the rhythms you will need to know. You will also take a quiz/test which will help you see where your weaknesses are. :)
  14. Brwnidbeauty

    Do you overspend on luxury items as a nurse?

    Help me understand why most everyone think Nurses make so much money? Yes, its a good wage, long hours, and good overtime, and you can work a 2nd job... but we pay taxes some of us 28% or more.... They must be referring to Nurses who have a 2nd income earner who is making good money too.... But for a single mom or dad.... I don't see it as an over-the-top paying career choice. (good but not where you can just go spend money like water).
  15. Brwnidbeauty

    Do you overspend on luxury items as a nurse?

    Good solid advise! Other wise you find yourself working 2 jobs, tired and still chasing your tail. Key is budgeting no matter what you make. :)