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  1. Brwnidbeauty


    Greetings! I have recently expected a new position in WC. I am an RN. Previously doing Disease Mang. CMRN nursing in a General Condition Management program, call center type nursing. I have no WC experience. I having problems grasping the WC verbiage when documenting my nurse analysis, and Treatment Plan Action that I will or should be doing. Understanding that my goal and purpose on case is to help get employee back to work ASAP. I know I need to be "Assertive" ,....but with no experience its hard for me to know how to approach all this. I do not have a Preceptor, nor did not get to follow a CMRN. I am told just to ask my Team Lead, and to view other nurses docs/charting. I am told that the Team I am on.... and VERY lucky to be only on 1 dedicated account, but its still hard for me having no WC experience. I left my previous job because I wanted a more challenging role in CM, well this is definitely it! But I am asking myself, "What Have I Done?" LOL Any tips, recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance. Stacie 🙂
  2. Brwnidbeauty

    Case Management Nursing (CM)

    Hello!!!! I am also new to Workers Comp CM, WAH. I am just starting my new job, previously doing WAH Disease Management which was totally different then my new job (WC). I am finding the "WC verbiage to be a really challenge for me in my documentation. The company does not have me following any 1 nurse, or really anyone. A Team Lead checks all my documentation before I complete and save it to go into a file. I am having problems with the Nurse Analysis part and Plan of care (being assertive with my actions). I am told to view other nurses charting/docs which I do … do, but still struggle. I am told I am doing fine... and its "normal" ….. and I am lucky to be on 1 dedicated account vs multiple accts which, YES, I am gratefully, however, still struggle as a NEW Work Comp RNCM. How R U doing? Do you struggle with similar issues? Stacie 🙂
  3. This is HORRIBLE. Hope this Nurse hot a good lawyer! worth every penny, and deserves to be taken care of. Hospitals carry insurance and make Millions... need to be accountable for taking care of their own!! Best wishes
  4. Brwnidbeauty

    CCM 90 CEUS REQUIRED......

    I did not know the CCMC had anything free... Good to know. i already have 44 CEUs which were free on CEDirect through my Employer. will check out the CCMC site. Thank you 🙂
  5. Brwnidbeauty

    CCM 90 CEUS REQUIRED......

    Greetings! Can anyone give me some advice on where they received their CCM CEUs? I would like to get as many "free" as I can! 🙂 Thanks In Advance!
  6. Brwnidbeauty


    Thank you, I am not a Member but will join.
  7. Brwnidbeauty


    Has anyone taken the Case Management Certification Exam? If so, what can you tell me about the exam/your experience? Also, is anyone planning to take the exam? Thank you. Stasia
  8. Brwnidbeauty

    How to get un-barred

    Absolutely Agree with everything you said.
  9. Brwnidbeauty

    I'm So Over Nursing. I would rather work at Costco!!

    Have you thought of leaving the bedside? Try Case Management, UM, or UV.... :)

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