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lilRN16 has 6 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in Psych/Med Surg/Ortho/Tele/Peds.

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  1. The bolded is why working outside of California terrifies me, baffles me and sounds so unsafe. And why do yall tolerate this constant putting your license in jeopardy?
  2. Can Managers Override Policy and Drs Orders?!?

    That mgr sounds as foolish as my old facility "All restraints (chem/mechanical) go through me." 😵
  3. Dislike Everyone In My Cohort

    If they aren't taking your exams, paying your tuition or sitting in front of the NCLEX for you when the time comes, who needs them? I had a relatively solitary nursing school experience and it was better that way. May have been nice to have "friends...

    Yes, be ware... No ratios means just that ~ no ratios...
  5. CPN vs Board Certification in peds

    I don't know any pediatric nurses that have either one of these designations, but I just passed PED-BC. I just crammed like I was studying for NCLEX, but focused on infants through adolescence, and passed. I don't expect any financial gai...
  6. I stand by what I wrote. It is sad to me, that nurses cannot surmise on their own that different ethnicities may have markings that are not consistent with abuse. Yes that is sad that I can figure out "blushing/flushing" although I will nev...
  7. This is sad that nurses don't know this. This is indicative of the deficit of cultural competence in American nursing... This is how certain groups get erroneously reported to child welfare associations. It never ceases to amaze me how danger...
  8. Pediatric Stepdown RN... CPN or Pediatric RN-BC?

    2, Yes, you can be certified in both, although it may be redundant, as they may be considered interchangeable. You will just have to pay for both, both the initial certification and the recerts. 3. Both exams websites will direct you to materi...
  9. If you have national certification, you don't worry about the individual states, however as a poster previously mentioned - you need a valid Registered Nursing license in the state that company requires... You need to tackle that first, because my st...
  10. Racism in NYC

    Thank you... I grow tired of people telling me what is or isn't racist. But don't let me ask someone to clearly enunciate, so I understand what is being said ~ I'm a bigger racist than David Duke. This is so exhausting and thank you for reitera...
  11. Where do you stand on "Nurses don't get paid enough"?

    Nurses outside of California are underpaid, but here I am grateful for my compensation and can't imagine working anywhere else.
  12. Passive Hostility Between Workplace Departments

    Goodness. That therapist needs some therapy and to mind their dingdarn bidness. They are probably jealous of the employment prospects you have (whether you are in the market or not). Better you than me, and solidifies why I work nights... In p...
  13. What was your motivation that made you become a Nurse?

    I was an Executive Assistant in the goofy corporate world, longing for a sense of purpose. Fought off being an RN for years, and made myself miserable in the process. One day I had an epiphany that I wanted to help people in a meaningful way, and or...
  14. Thanksgiving With Your Work Family

    This year we all brought stuff. I brought the sides and dessert. It was nice and made the night go by faster. Times like that make me grateful to be at work on holidays.
  15. Does your employer give you *** for calling in sick?

    This is why I love CA... We have this wonderful thingy called "Kin care." The employer is precluded legally from demanding a reason for absence... When I call, I say "I'm calling Kincare" And If I get a newfool who doesn't know the rules, I...