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  1. nurse2bguy555

    OB Unit for Male Student

    Oh, sorry. I got changed to a different clinical type all together. I mostly do easier stuff, like CNA, but ti's worth it. OB isn't my field, so it doesn't really bother me.
  2. nurse2bguy555

    OB Unit for Male Student

    Thanks. I'll do my best. Yeah, it all seems weird to me. We were told not to call the hospitals to try to talk to them about the matter either. I guess for now I'll just do the rotation of I can since it's already been set up. I can try to inquire about this practice for future male students though. Yep. It is. Thanks for the motivation! I'm not sure if I'm the first, but maybe the other students were lucky enough to live close to the location or just drove there because they thought they had no choice.
  3. nurse2bguy555

    OB Unit for Male Student

    I'm in Georgia. Yeah, things have been disorganized in my program due to staffing and job changes. I was thinking of talking to the dean, but it's such short notice that I was hit with this clinical assignment. My instructor said shed try to make it only 1 day, but then told me I'm going the full month because that's the best she could do. I start next week, so I don't want to try to force the dean to set up a new rotation on such short notice. I'll probably stay in a hotel on the days I'm there.
  4. nurse2bguy555

    OB Unit for Male Student

    Hi. I'm a male nursing student about to start OB Clinicals. Since I'm a male, most hospitals would not let me do clinicals. My instructor could only find one hospital to accept me, but the problem is that the hospital is an hour and a half from my house. I'd have to leave super early in the morning and go back home late at night. The clinical rotation is over a month and I would be using almost half a tank of gas a day. My instructor said this is the only place she could find. Does anyone have ideas of how I could get a site closer, like maybe call a nearby hospital and ask if I can do clinicals there, like as long as a woman is in the room with me, or if they just approve in general? Thanks.
  5. nurse2bguy555


    Thanks Glucagon. I dont plan on working and dont have kids. This is my main focus. I just don't want to b staring at my textbook for 14 hours a day without getting up. It's also not accelerated.
  6. nurse2bguy555


    Thanks guys. I just want to do well because I hear the program requires a lot of studying lol. Do you guys think I will have some free time for things like exercising for an hour a day?
  7. nurse2bguy555


    Can someone post the classes they took all 4 semesters of their RN nursing program recently. I want to get a head start on studying them before the term starts. Thank you!
  8. nurse2bguy555

    Chances of Getting Accepted?

    Hi. I w as wondering what my chances of getting into an Rn Associated Degree program at my local community college. The minimum gpa needed is a 2.0 with at least a C in the sciences. My grades are as follow: Anatomy and Physiology 1: B Anatomy and Physiology 1 LAb:B Anatomy and Physiology 2:B Anatomy and Physiology 2 Lab: A Microbiology: B Microbiology Lab:C TEAS 6 Score: 83 Thank you for any feedback.
  9. nurse2bguy555

    Powerpoints or Book?

    Do you think memorizing the powerpoints would be enough to do well on the exams, or do you think the instructor will also use info from the textbook?
  10. nurse2bguy555

    Anatomy and Physiology Lab Drawings

    Hello, if your lab drawings of things like Mitosis aren't as detailed as a professional's version, will you get points off. I'm no artist but I try to draw the structures as accurately as possible. Like for asters, I drew dots in the form of a ring. The book made them look more detailed though.
  11. nurse2bguy555

    Easier to get Into LPN Program than RN

    Is it easier to get accepted into the LPN Program than the RN program. What would be the gpa requirements to get into the LPN program? Doable with a 3.0?
  12. nurse2bguy555

    Nursing Program App with Extra?

    Would applying to the nursing program with a 3.0 gpa, BUT with letters of recomendations and volunteer experience, maybe even becoming a CNA 1st help to make up for the gpa. 3.0 is good in my opinion, but I hear nursing programs generally accept people with higher gpas . I would ask the school I plan to apply to myself, but whenever I call , they never answer. (Probably because it's the 4th of July weekend, I guess.)
  13. nurse2bguy555

    Gpa Good Enough

    Thank you everyone. Would volunteering in a hospital or working as a CNA improve ym chances, even with just a 3.0 gpa.
  14. nurse2bguy555

    Gpa Good Enough

    I heard nursing school is competitive. They said you need to pass all your prerequisites with a C to apply, but I think with a low 2.0 gpa that won't get you in.
  15. nurse2bguy555

    Gpa Good Enough

    Would a 3.0 gpa be enough to get into the nursing program at my community college or anywhere in general?

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