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  1. I am not sure about "tie breaks" but I found this in the program's FAQ's How many students are accepted into the nursing program each semester? A: The average class size has been 64 students per semester, with 32 students attending each campus, Columbia and Franklin.
  2. I feel bad for the students also! The school worked so hard to get their BSN program and officially had it for only a year? I hope those students can find another school to attend. It costs so much money and a lot of school I notice wont take transfer nursing classes. Smh :/
  3. This is from the paper they gave me when I applied. "Selection Process: GPA must be 2.5 or better to be considered for a spot in the program. A maximum total of 8 points in assigned to each applicant as follows: ACT: 19 = 1 point 20-21 = 2 points 22-23 = 3 points 24+ = 4 points A&P I: 1st Try A = 4 points 2nd try A, 1st try B = 3 points 2nd try B = 2 points C = 1 point 1 point is also given for a prior Bachelor's degree (again, with maximum allowable points being 8)"
  4. Did you get an email from Aquinas about their programs? I applied to them and received an email from them stating they are focusing on their mission of education. They are having financial problems and are focusing on creating teachers. I agree with what you are saying about what to do if someone doesn't get in. I only have a 19 on my ACT and its 6 years old. If i do not get in I am going to retake my ACT this summer after I complete College Algebra. GREAT Advice!
  5. When I went up there today to turn in my last bits of stuff for my application they told me we should be getting letters around the end of March beginning of April. I am FULL of anxiety lol. With their system I have 5 points. I don't have any previous degree or anything just CNA/Care Partner experience. I added 2 letters of recommendation and a personal letter. FINGERS CROSSED! Only 4 more weeks of waiting!! lol If there is anything missing you should of gotten an email to tell you that your application is incomplete. I forgot to put my transcript for my school I attended for a year. That's why I ran to Columbia today. I met the head of the program also. SUPER awesome and friendly lady! VERY informative.
  6. Yeah that's what I have read also. She said they are super choosy when it comes to acceptance, which is completely understandable. Yeah, I have a copy of their selection process paper. I don't have a Bachelor's degree or anything. I am going up tomorrow to give them letters of recommendations, personal letter, and 1 last transcript. I have A's in A&P 1&2 but only have a 19 ACT score, which is 6 years old. I am hoping I can make a good impression and get an interview to explain my 6 year journey to this. Good luck to you guys also!!
  7. KPeeke

    I am a CNA but want to train to be a PCT

    I live in Tennessee and have my CNA. At Vanderbilt they have their jobs labeled "Care Partner, CNA, PCT." We do the same jobs. They trained us to do EKG's, Phlebotomy, Catheters. Everyone no matter their title was in the same room until it was job spacific; Nurses in one room then us in the other. The amount of experience expands our pay.
  8. KPeeke

    PCT job hours?

    I work full-time at a Level 1 Trauma Center. We work 12 hour shifts 3 times a week. We (RNs, Medics, PCTs, ClinTechs) all meet up before shift at the same time and leave at the same time. We have plenty of opportunities for overtime so people will work more than 3 days. Part-time will pick up and work more or less. I have never worked in a hospital that scheduled us less than 12 hrs. Overnights, we were given the option if it wasn't busy to leave after 8 hours.
  9. I applied to Columbia State's RN program today!! I am hoping to get in and to attend the Franklin, Tn campus! I have completed all of the prerequisites and non-nursing classes. I technically could attend a BSN program if it wasn't for my GPA, 2.81. I am wanting to finish the 4 classes for I need for a BSN program so I can apply for a bridge program in the last months of the program. I am going to go to school all summer and if I have to take statistics during the Fall semester. I am super nervous!! I have their point system in front of me and I only have 5 points (bummer). The lady said they have to be super choosy with their program which added to my nervousness. Anyone else apply to the program? Anyone have any advice?
  10. KPeeke

    Less than 2.5 GPA. HELP!!

    Hey guys!! So I am a preNursing student. I am on the last leg of prerequisites. Currently I have less than 2.5 GPA because I started out 6years ago on a HORRIBLE foot. I was in a dark place and I am currently paying for it 😔. I currently live in Nashville, TN. I can get my GPA to a 2.5 and attend an ADN program but all the BSN programs are 3.0 or higher here. I don't know what to do. I currently work at Vanderbilt and they don't hire ADNs anymore, from my understanding. Should I just hold out and take the 50-60 credit hours I need to get it up to a 3.0 or get started on my dream and leave Vandy while I work and get my BSN? I currently have an A in A&P and have mostly B's and some C's in my class. I do have a couple of D's & F's because of the situation I was in 6yrs ago. Please help!! TIA!! I won't stop until I am a Nurse.