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  1. Just curious if it's a thing, not by the same employee obviously but part time radiology tech and part time or per diem rn, Or full time nurse and per diem radiology tech. I think it would be cool to have the change during the week, different environment, people, atmosphere etc. What do you think?
  2. Has anyone heard from the school, acceptance letters? Waiting and waiting orientation is this week or next and I still haven't heard back I've been calling everyday of the week like 3 times a day no answers, I'm losing my mind!!!!
  3. SweetLola648

    Bringing my own work supplies

    Hello I'm currently a cna right now. I'm just curious has anyone evee bought their own soap to bring in for when you wash people? Like baby shampoo or something else mild that cleans and smells better!!?? I want to but dnot want to get in trouble or something
  4. SweetLola648

    Wait listed for Wayne finger lakes lpn program

    Thanks for the reply!! I post here often, with never a reply!!!!í ½í¸”í ½í¸§ I tried to get in to another school recently and got rejected from there too. My tease scores were on the lower end. The one I'm on the wait list for I actually scored higher so we'll see. I should know more info by the 1st of next month....
  5. Hello, I called Wayne finger lakes boces lpn program this past Friday to see were I stand. Turns out I'm on the waitlist for the September 2017 class. I'm not sure abut wait lists I have never been on one. Does anybody know is it okay to ask were I'm at on the list? I do know we get points for different things we had to to do and I got 13 points and he lady said 14 or higher was accepted, but I still have a chance I guess. Anyone looking into this program or knows they're on the waitlist, or anything about the waitlist!!??
  6. Has anyone received anything or know what's going on with acceptance letters for the finger lakes boxes lpn program that starts September 11, 2017!!?? I didn't get accepted to the other school I applied to because of lower scores. I scored higher on the tease for this school so my hopes are up. Any info on updates greatly appreciated!!!
  7. Anyone going through the stages for the program they start on June 6th!!?? Just did the interview and information session. Did financial aid stuff, now just waiting for that phone call!!!😅🤗 anyone else going to the greece location evening classes that start this june!??
  8. SweetLola648

    Who's starting lpn this spring

    I am hopefully starting in May! I have passed everything I go to a group interview on the 19th....in 2 days!!!! Here in NY!!!
  9. SweetLola648

    Genesee valley boces 2015

    HI, are you still in the program? Aredirect you about done? I have to retake my math part of the teas next month to start the spring class there at Genesee valley at the green location. How has it gone? Did you previously work as a cna? Let me know how you like the program
  10. HI all, just took the teas for this program for spring 2017, have to retake the math portion but I'm pretty comfortable with it now that I got to see what math is on the test so I know what to work on. Anyone else trying to get in this program? Just wanting to start a thread so we can all be informed when they send out those acceptance letters!!!! Good luck everyone
  11. SweetLola648

    Teas 6

    How did you do? I'm scheduled next month to go?
  12. Lpnhereicome I'm will be considering excelsior college. I'm in Rochester, NY also. I know that mcc offers a program lpn-rn and they use some of the testing from excelsior college. I've already made sure it's approved. You just pay for thee test you need to take buy your own study materials and do your own thing. Go to their website check it out!!
  13. SweetLola648

    Ati practice test

    Once I purchase the practice exam online can I log on at another time to take it or do I have a limited time to take it. I want to purchase on my phone but log in later on my computer to start the test. Thanks
  14. SweetLola648

    Attention New Nurses in LTC. Night shift is where it's at.

    Yeah being a new nurse it would be scary with no help but that's what orientation is for, an you'll have a supervisor there to call if you absolutely need something
  15. SweetLola648

    I got into LPN school!

    @Firefly1009 how is your program going...I'm trying to get in the next one starting in march or april. You'll be about six months in when I get started. Let me know how it's going congrats