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  1. Hi, i plan to take the hesi entrance exam in March at Lehman . I am so scared. I do have the evolve elvesier hesi studying book but I feel like I need other things to use to study. Can anyone recommend what to mainly focus on ? Did anyone take it? Was it hard ? I plan to study 1.5 per day one section then the next week I would jump into another section. I want to do my greatest so that I can hopefully start this summer ! I need tips about everything ! Am I allowed to retake it as well ? My goal is to give it my all and I’m ready!
  2. cgb51400

    HELP!! Lehman college Nursing program 2015

    I have a question I know you are required to take the HESI entrance program in the Spring at Lehman...can someone tell me what sections are on it ? Is it hard ? Whats the minimum grade to pass ? Do we get conversions or do we have to remember it, do they give us calculators ? and last question is it true we can't go back to previous questions ?