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MagnumRN has 30 years experience as a BSN and specializes in PMH.

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  1. Transgender patient and a dilemma

    I don't believe the DSM offers recommendations on treatment of disorders. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) offers a common language and standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders.
  2. 16 year old CNA...

    Best of luck to you, HemOncAspire, I wish I had had your energy and motivation when I was your age!
  3. 16 year old CNA...

    This seems odd. Were there any other 16 year olds in your CNA class? Are they able to get jobs? Most jobs require a high school diploma, have you graduated? I'm guessing that most employers would rather hire adults. I may be sheltered but I've never...
  4. Hal Dec Doses

    It would depend on the frequency. I once had a patient receiving 25 mg Q8weeks and another patient getting 150 mg Q2weeks.
  5. Before You Clock-In, Check In

    What a great article. Thank you for sharing and teaching.
  6. Linguistic Pet Peeves

    I mean, when someone starts a sentence with "I mean". Also, affect and effect are not interchangeable.
  7. It Ain't Like The Movies!

    The one time I wished things were EXACTLY like on TV/movies was 2 years ago when my family and I decided it was time to turn off my elderly father's ventilator...darned if he didn't live for 2 and a half days!!! I was hoping for a pause, then a gentl...
  8. Who needs a bigger pat on the back?

    this...little known fact.
  9. Pens or pencils?

    Drop that mike, EKUGRAD! Wow, I've been doing this for 30 years (although always acute inpt, never state hosp) and that's one of the most impressive efforts I've heard.
  10. Charting for better Patient outcomes

    Patricia Deegan and Mary Ellen Copeland are good resources for strengths-based, person-centered approaches to working with individuals with mental health issues.
  11. Pens or pencils?

    Once on my inpatient unit an individual straightened out the spring in a bic pen and worked the whole thing under the skin of his arm.
  12. simultaneous restraint &!

    A person in restraints is quite vulnerable. If the person in restraints is being remotely monitored (video monitor and intercom at nurses station) I would hope that the door to the room is locked for the patient's protection.
  13. Interesting. I wonder if this is regional. I work in a small OP MH clinic where we have Drs, CRNPs and PA-Cs who all have caseloads in the clinic and a few of the PA-Cs round at a local inpt psych unit on the weekends.