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  1. smt89

    Rutgers DNP

  2. Hi, I am a cardiac telemetry nurse and I have always wanted to become a mother baby or nicu nurse. I have been consistently applying with no luck. I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on how I would be able to boost my resume. Quick background- my nursing career has always been with adults (2 years on a tele floor).
  3. smt89

    Rutgers DNP

    Hi everyone, I am considering the Rutgers DNP program. Initially I was thinking to go the FNP route as it is more broad and can treat a broader population. However, ultimately I would love to work with moms/children, so perhaps the PNP route is more suitable. Is anyone in the PNP program and can speak to the program and how job outlook is looking? I hear a lot of PNP students are offered positions while in clinical. Any info will help! TIA

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