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Hopeful mother/baby nurse

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Hi, I am a cardiac telemetry nurse and I have always wanted to become a mother baby or nicu nurse. I have been consistently applying with no luck. I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on how I would be able to boost my resume. Quick background- my nursing career has always been with adults (2 years on a tele floor).

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Some hospitals have transition programs for experienced nurses looking to change specialties. They can be a good way to get the introduction you will need. However, not everyone does them and for those that do, getting hired is pretty competitive.

I would suggest you visit the nurse manager on the units you are interested in, in your own hospital. Make friends, bring donuts, ask if you can shadow and talk up your interest. Hopefully you can make a meaningful connection that will make you a serious consideration when an opening comes.


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Best thing to do is to apply to a larger hospital (children's hospital for NICU). Most Level I and II NICUs are small which means few nurses working in their NICU. As a result, very few job openings come up.

I am also a telemetry nurse. I am a new grad and have been on the floor since March. I’m coming up on my 6 month mark. I am transferring to mom/baby at the same hospital August 9th! I would just say to stay hopeful, but definitely put yourself in front of the managers of those units, somehow! That is exactly what I had to do.