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  1. I honestly can't recommend being a CNA enough. I was a CNA in a nursing home for almost 4 years (0/10 do not recommend) but now I'm working as a CNA in a hospital as I finish up school and it has helped me so much. My hospital also lets people who already work with them get first pick of RN jobs after graduation, so that's a huge perk.
  2. I work part time so I get 4 call-offs a year, I believe. I've been at my job for just over 7 months and I've used 1. It wasn't because I was deathly ill, but my school rescheduled my clinicals last minute and I couldn't find anyone to cover for me so I had no choice. That being said, in the past I have definitely called off once or twice when I wasn't sick. I just needed a mental health day. I usually end up feeling guilty anyway so it isn't really worth it. I don't judge other people for taking them though, unless it's clear that they are abusing their call-offs constantly and leaving us short staffed on a regular basis.
  3. peach2218

    Help Ban Genital Cosmetic Surgery on Children

    I am so thankful that I kept my son intact. He is perfectly fine and healthy, and if he decides to cut himself for cosmetic reasons when he's grown, I will fully support him. I just want to remind everyone to stop pulling back the foreskin of infants/toddlers to clean. Foreskin is fused to the glans like a fingernail, and it naturally separates any time between toddlerhood and adulthood. (There is nothing wrong with a young child who cannot pull his foreskin back yet). Nothing will be able to get under the foreskin until it naturally separates, so it does not need to be pulled back until the boy can pull it back himself. Forcing it back will cause micro-tears that can lead to infections.
  4. peach2218

    3rd semester and I still feel useless!

    Haven't had the opportunity. We've had maybe 3-5 full days on the floor per semester, the rest has been online. The first day is orientation. The rest, we have one patient to take care of, and all of my patients have been super easy. An oral tylenol here, an albuterol inhaler there. No IV meds. No insulin injections. Nothing. Just yesterday one of my clinicals was canceled due to weather, and we'll have to make it up online. I'm desperate to start an IV on a classmate or something at this point, just to get some experience.
  5. Is it normal to be going into my 3rd semester of nursing school (out of 4 semesters) and still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing? At work as a CNA in the hospital, sometimes I'll look at a patient's labs and be able to connect it with their diagnosis and stuff like that... but other times I'll struggle to remember the affects of too much calcium, I can't remember anything about some of the meds we learned in 1st semester, etc. I'm passing with an A, but I feel like my brain is blank and I'm not a nursing student at all-- I'm an imposter. 😂 I know that a lot of nurses I've spoken with said they started their first nursing job just as clueless as me, but it makes me nervous to think about starting a nursing job and having no freakin idea what I'm doing. Does anyone else feel this way? It doesn't help that clinicals have been 90% online since Covid hit, and all I've done is pass oral meds twice and take vitals. No IV practice, no foleys, no IV meds, no injections.
  6. peach2218

    Nurses Aid arrested

    I worked in a LTC facility for 4 years (and a very nice one with great resident/aide ratios), and it solidified the fact that I don't ever want my parents in a nursing home if I can help it. If they do end up there, I'll be there every single day. I caught a coworker smacking an elderly man with dementia's arm because he was trying to help her put his shirt on, and she was out the door before the end of the shift. I can't imagine discovering that one of my sweet ladies or guys was viciously abused... what if that was one of my family members?
  7. peach2218

    Working as a shy/socially anxious nurse

    Cluster care has definitely helped me as an aide. "OK, I have to go in and take vitals at 0800, I'll try and get a bath done and linens changed while I'm in there." Thanks for the advice.
  8. I am currently in nursing school to be an RN, but I have been working as a CNA for 4 years and recently switched over to a hospital setting. The issue I have is that I am very shy in new situations with new people. I hate bothering anyone. I hate waking patients up for vitals/cares even though I know it's necessary (I just can't stand the idea of them being upset with me). I know that I will have plenty of patients over the course of my career who dislike me for many reasons. Is this anxiety and nervousness to bother or upset patients something I'll get over? I get the same feeling of fear and anxiety when the patient and/or their family can tell that I'm new to the situation and it's my first time seeing something done or using certain equipment. I have to stand outside of rooms and hype myself to go in if I know the patient is easily annoyed. I find myself apologizing all throughout the day for bothering them, taking vitals, waking them up accidentally, etc. I want to come in to work feeling confident in my abilities. I don't want to constantly care what people think of me or worry that they're judging me. Has anyone here overcome similar feelings? Will I make a bad nurse because I'm afraid to annoy a patient with a necessary procedure/my newness?
  9. peach2218

    Job searching while pregnant?

    I am a pre-nursing student and I just recently acquired my STNA (or CNA) license in my state. Before I could actively start looking for jobs, I found out I was pregnant. I know that STNAs do a lot of heavy lifting which is not ideal for a pregnant woman, so do any of you have any ideas of what kind of jobs I could apply for/look for in the medical field?
  10. peach2218

    STNA/CNA jobs NOT in LTC

    I just completed my STNA training in Ohio, and all of the job openings I've seen for aides are in nursing homes. I know that's the best way to get an STNA job, but I would really prefer something else. Any suggestions? What search criteria should I use? I love the sweet residents, but I don't really enjoy taking care of them, which makes me sad. Geriatrics just isn't my field of choice, but I would still like to work in the medical field while training to become a nurse.