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  1. SICU vs Coronary ICU as a new grad

    I am learning a ton and at my recent evaluation, my manager said that she's heard nothing but good things about me from my coworkers and the providers I work with. That was incredibly nice to hear, although I still feel stupid and uncertain almost ev...
  2. SICU vs Coronary ICU as a new grad

    I did end up choosing the CICU and I will be off orientation in a few weeks (I'm scared)
  3. SICU vs Coronary ICU as a new grad

    I made sure to mention that I knew I was inexperienced, but that I was ready and willing to learn as much as possible. I think working as a nursing assistant helped.
  4. Putting Your Health First

    I still feel immense guilt for calling out for health related reasons. First it was COVID in November. Then in February, I went to dig my car out of the snow in the middle of a huge snowstorm and fell and hurt myself at 30 weeks pregnant. Then just 2...
  5. Daily Rant Thread

    I am NOT vibing today. I'm 37+1 weeks pregnant, working as an aide on my stepdown trauma unit until I have my baby and start my first job as an RN in the CICU (I am terrified). What am I greeted with at 0645? A bariatric patient who is vomiting ...
  6. SICU vs Coronary ICU as a new grad

    So I had my first interview ever as a new grad RN on Wednesday, with a panel of 7 ICU nurse managers & unit educators from 5 different units. SICU, Coronary ICU, Med ICU, Adult ICU, and the ICU float pool. I got the call yesterday that I received...
  7. When answering the call... light, that is.

    I always respond to call lights with the same general question-- "Your call light's on, how can I help you?" The sheer number of patients who reply with "Uh yeah, I need some help" just astounds me. Clearly you need help, I am aware of that, can...
  8. I took my NCLEX on Wednesday and it was probably the worst day I've had in months 😂 I'm 8 months pregnant and I have pregnancy brain, and forgot to renew my drivers' license. Luckily I have 6 months to renew it, but the testing center does not ...
  9. What's your most ridiculous supply shortage?

    Not a big deal but we were out of saline flushes for days and had to make our own. Pain in the ***. We're always out of slings for beds (for the sky lift, every patient on my unit is supposed to have one). We ran out of coffee yesterday, that wa...
  10. I am graduating in 8 days (holy *** is this even real?!) and I have 10 out of 105 hours left to finish up. I am precepting in the NICU and I absolutely love it, it's such a nice change from the adult trauma unit I work on as an aide. I think I'm doi...
  11. I am getting ready to go into my last semester as nursing student, planning on graduating in December. My husband and I have a 3 year old son and I am getting my implant birth control removed next week (it has a 3 year "shelf life"). We aren't oppose...
  12. I graduate in December too, and the hospital I'm working at as an aide right now doesn't open up applications for March 2022 residency until October. November, for non-employees.
  13. giving you credit on difficult exam questions??

    They will only drop questions if they review and almost everyone missed it because the question was unclear or had multiple answers that were arguably the best choice.
  14. Halfway through third semester, and this is the first semester where I feel like I'm actually learning stuff. Our instructor is amazing. She makes sure all 7 of us pass our morning meds, and she assigns patients to us based on what we haven't done ye...
  15. I honestly can't recommend being a CNA enough. I was a CNA in a nursing home for almost 4 years (0/10 do not recommend) but now I'm working as a CNA in a hospital as I finish up school and it has helped me so much. My hospital also lets people who al...

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