Passed NCLEX in 75 Questions: Thought I Failed Horribly.

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I took my NCLEX on Wednesday and it was probably the worst day I've had in months¬†ūüėā¬†

I'm 8 months pregnant and I have pregnancy brain, and forgot to renew my drivers' license. Luckily I have 6 months to renew it, but the testing center does not accept expired licenses. So I got there at 8 a.m. and was turned away. Instant panic. Hurried to the BMV, got my license renewed, and the testing center was able to squeeze me in at 1 p.m. because some kid was a no-show, by some miracle. 

I was already flustered and stressed from the day's events, and then I started the test and I felt like it was game over by the time I got to question #10. I answered some easy questions incorrectly and realized it the moment I hit the next button. I guessed on what felt like 85% of the test. I had 39 SATA questions. So I was sweating bullets, panicking, feeling worse and worse by the minute, and boom-- the test shut off at 75 questions. Welp, that's it, I failed for sure. I seriously felt like I was doing so poorly that there was no way I could redeem myself with any further questions, so the test shut off. I went home and ate almost a quart of ice cream in one sitting, resigned to the fact that I sucked and would probably miss the deadline for my hospital's residency program (they want us to pass our NCLEX no more than 4 months after graduation, and I'm already more than 2 months out from my graduation date). 

I woke up every 30 minute that night, no joke. I was awake for good by 6 a.m., and then the email came in at 6:59-- pass. I swear to y'all I could have fainted from the shock. I didn't know whether to sob hysterically or just get up and calmly go about my day. I'm still surprised that I passed after that fiasco of a day, but it's finally over and I get to call myself an RN ūüôā These next few months of continuing to work as a CNA will be torture! Applied for residency and planning to start as soon as I'm healed from the birth of this little nugget.


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Congratulations!!  Way..Way back when I took the NCLEX, we had to wait about a month to get results by Regular Mail.  It was excruciating!!  I remember the night before I took the test, I got maybe three hours of sleep.  You have every right to Celebrate!!  Best wishes to you in your new position, wherever and whatever that may be.  Just two more months of the lower paycheck and then I wish you well on your new career!  


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Congratulations!! No matter how chaotic your day started, you made it!!