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  1. OCCC Spring 2017

    I just received my acceptance email
  2. OCCC Nursing Fall 2017

    Personally I wouldn't bother investing the time or money into a CNA class, if it's only worth one point. Check the votech in your area for classes. But plan on spending around $300 and 4-6 weeks to get licensed.
  3. OCCC Spring 2017

    Probably. The TEAS and CPM 4 test can earn up to 6 points right? I think it will be worth it. The application deadline is in September isn't it? I may just swing by and pick up the application when I'm in the city next.
  4. OCCC Spring 2017

    I plan too. I still need to schedule my TEAS, Compass, and CPM 4 tests. I keep looking for the spring application to be posted online but haven't seen it yet.