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  1. Quality Improvement Specialist (Nurse)

    That's so funny, I was in the same situation you were in. When I was offered the job I was working PRN with a lot flexibility, believe me, I struggled with the decision too. I decided to take it because I wanted the benefits (PTO, etc), I'm glad I ...
  2. Quality Improvement Specialist (Nurse)

    Yes, I travel to physicians offices, expected to make 12 visits a week. I work mostly 8 hour days but there are times when it's a 10 - 12 hour day depending on travel. As far as meeting with the providers, I control my own scheduling which is great...
  3. Quality Improvement Specialist (Nurse)

    I work as a Quality Improvement Nurse for Humana. I've been with them for about a year and so far it's good. I work from home but travel about 50% of the time. I contact providers and talk with them about our clinical programs, HEDIS measures, kee...
  4. Any travelers in Raleigh NC?

    Hi everyone, I'm starting a new assignment in Raleigh NC at Wake Med in August. I'm looking forward to it and would like to hear from travelers there, also any suggestions on 1 bedroom short term lease apartments in a safe area close to hospital? T...
  5. Question to travelers required to take call

    Hi Deb and Baglady, Thank you for your responses, they were very helpful. I'm gonna have a try at finding my own housing too.
  6. Question to travelers required to take call

    Hi there, Thanks for your input, I'm an RN. The position requires call, which is OK with me, but am curious as to how call time is paid when traveling. Think I probably need to check into IRS website to see what guidelines they have for non taxed h...
  7. Hello to Everyone and Happy 4th of July! I'm new to traveling, this is my first assignment. I would like to hear from other travelers how their call pay works. I know as a staff nurse for a hospital you usually get a few bucks an hr to take call th...
  8. Does this sound right?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to travel nursing and have been looking for my first assignment. This is what I have been offered: $37.00/hr (taxable hourly rate) $220/wk housing allowance tax free (I have dogs so I wanted to find something suitable). I al...