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  1. I'm deciding between RN to BSN programs. I wonder if any one has any insight into how valuable a BSN from WGU in the eyes of graduate programs. thanks
  2. Vermont RN774

    Advice-New to L&D

    Hi, I've worked med-surg for 10 years and I'm ready for a change. I think I'd like to do labor and delivery. Any tips on how to make the transition/find work?
  3. Vermont RN774

    Am I too old to start this?

    Of course you can do it. I started at 42.
  4. Vermont RN774

    NY RNs to NM

    Hi, I just saw your post from '14, and I'm curious: did you move to NM? I'm in VT and thinking of relocating in the next five years.
  5. Vermont RN774

    Tell my manager or keep the bipolar hidden

    I totally understand your need for job security has to trump all other concerns. I am interested in writing about this topic more generally. May I contact you privately?
  6. Vermont RN774

    Tell my manager or keep the bipolar hidden

    Another thought about your dilemma: if you choose to disclose, you should wait until you've established yourself on the floor and shown your competence. This may not happen right away, but if you are a valued employee, that should mean something. Also, I keep asking myself, if nurses don't address the stigma of mental illness, then who will? We are advocates and educators. You know your illness doesn't define you, but by hiding it you are accepting a stigma that does want to define you. It's not easy changing attitudes, but we nurses with mental health issues are the best suited for this role.
  7. Vermont RN774

    Tell my manager or keep the bipolar hidden

    I think you should disclose, but before you do, check the laws regulating employment in your state. I have told my boss about my mental illness. I've had no negative repercussions, just great support for when I needed to take short term disability/FML time. You also should check with the hospital's HR people and review your rights. The real advantage of disclosing is being able to talk frankly about when the symptoms make you unsafe to practice. It's way better to have that outlet than to live in fear.