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  1. Experience for Interventional Radiology

    Hi all! I was looking into a few interventional radiology nursing jobs and am looking for advice from some of you. I am completely interested in starting a career in this area and feel like I have enough experience to learn the job. Ive been a nurse ...
  2. USPHS

    Hi everyone, I have a question about the rank structure in the USPHS. I'm considering joining after my time in the Navy. I'm a Lieutenant in the Nurse Corps currently. Will I maintain my O-3 ranking when I join the USPHS? I will have 5 years of nursi...
  3. Transferring from one duty station to another

    Thanks for the info! I had a feeling it would be almost impossible to go anywhere else before the 3 year point. I just wanted to go to a hospital further south a lil earlier. I dont mind Bethesda at all, just wishful thinking on my part. Currently I ...
  4. Hello all, I am currently a nurse at a Big Three hospital (Bethesda) and my orders have me here for 3 years. Is it possible to have my orders changed to be here for 2 years and transfer to another duty station? I have a four year committment and woul...
  5. Navy OR Nursing

    How long is the wait usually for a spot as an OR Nurse at a large medical treatment facility? I'll be a new Navy nurse very soon and I've very interested in OR nursing. Should I let my chain of command know my desire to become an OR nurse very early ...
  6. NNMC Bethesda

    Hi, For any Navy nursees out there stationed NNMC Bethesda, these questions are for you. =) I will be stationed at that hospital upon graduation and I'm starting to do some research on apartments in the area so... 1. Would any of you recommend livin...
  7. Nursing in a sports area?

    Interesting! So I wonder, does a nurse go into a family nurse practitioner program then specialze in sports medicine? I'm not sure what route to take to accomplish that goal. Thanks for the feedback
  8. Nursing in a sports area?

    I was wondering if there are ways to be a part of a sports organization (whether it be a high school, university or professional) as a nurse. I am a total sports fanatic and would find being a part of an athletic organization's medical staff very rew...