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I was looking into a few interventional radiology nursing jobs and am looking for advice from some of you. I am completely interested in starting a career in this area and feel like I have enough experience to learn the job. Ive been a nurse for going on 5 years with 3 years experience on a cardiothoracic stepdown/cardiac telemetry unit (no vents) and 1.5 years experience in PACU (granted it is "lower acuity" with mostly ortho, gen surg, urology, ENT, GYN etc and no hearts or neuro) as well as Endoscopy. If you were a hiring manager do you feel my skills could translate over to IR or should I spend time in the ICU first?

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Absolutely! Go ahead and apply. I was in a hiring position for many years. Acute care/Cardiac experience is always a plus. ICU experience is great depending on how it's used. However, in my experience, not all ICU RNs make the best procedural nurses.


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I think for Interventional Radiology, ICU experience is needed. You also have to be experienced with conscious/moderate sedation. When I did Interventional Radiology, I would also have ICU patients that I would need to help transport and take care of in the room without the ICU nurse. They do not stay for the case with you. My hospital did not allow a nurse do IR without ICu experience. I personally believe it would be better for you to get the ICU experience first. Good luck!!


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To me, Interventional Radiology is like a hybrid cross between the OR and the ER...I believe you need to have experience in critical care most radiology units require nurses to be independent ( radiologists DONT do sick people).......

Right now we are struggling with a manager who has no IR/Radiology experience or Critical Care experience and it is difficult at best to get issues resolved.


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I got my first IVR job with 2 years telemetry/ICU stepdown experience. I learned how to take care of vented patients very quickly because we took care of a lot of them and the ICU nurses very rarely stayed. I say go for it and apply. I'm glad I did because I found out how much I love radiology and all the ups and downs that come with it.