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  1. isisha

    Central Texas College Killeen TX

    CTC is competitive, you must make A and B's in your science pre reqs, i think you need at least a 2.8 for sciences. if you have A &P 2 done already you get extra points. The only pre reqs you need is a& p1, a&p 2(optional), micro, english and pharmacology. I think for temple you need less pre reqs but not for sure. for the hesi for CTC you only need to pass the anatomy part with a 60, every other subject you need at least an 80. if you pass the first time you get more points.
  2. isisha

    Texas Workforce Central Texas

    Go to Workforce Solutions of Central Texas, have to apply in person
  3. isisha

    Texas Workforce Central Texas

    Just want to let people know if u live in the Central Texas area and get accepted into temple college or Central Texas College that the Texas Workforce will pay for your full tuition, books, uniforms and lab kit as well as nclex prep material. You may qualify if you're low income, army veteran or military spouse, even if you have degree already they will still pay for you.