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    Why are LPNS so underpaid and disrespected

    Thank you for the discussion forum posting. I am in agreement with you that LPN's are definitely underpaid. I have been a CNA since 1999 and I am trying to get my LVN (vocational nursing license); even though I know that the pay will be slightly more than a CNA. LPN's do a lot of good work like charting and do more administrative work as well. Plus, in some positions they can do charge nursing on a unit. A lot of people who are LPN's do get their BSN's for more money and more opportunity and I am thankful for that. I wish you the best.
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    Nurse Coaching - How do I get started?

    Thank you for your discussion forum post. I was in your position too. I wanted to pursue my nursing degree, but it cost a lot. So, I weighed my options and figured that I really needed this degree. So, I chose to nursing pathway. I would do these things in order to help you decide: 1. Call your academic counselor. 2. Call the school. 3. Get nursing books from the library. I wish you the best and good luck to you.
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    "You're too smart to be a nurse. Be a doctor"

    Being a doctor is a great profession, but when someone is called to become a nurse, then they have to do that profession. Nursing is such a diverse profession that nurses can be nurse practitioners or physician assistants, but that is only if they want to go further into their healthcare field. Being a nurse is such a wonderful career and I enjoy it everyday.
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    What to do after a rough shift?

    I have had a rough shift before and what I do are the following things: 1. I take a very warm bubble bath. 2. I drink some warm tea. 3. I eat a cookie. 4. I eat my favorite meal.
  5. Here are some resource ideas for pediatrics: 1. Go to the public library and get some pamphlets, books, or internet information. 2. Go to your local city government agency and ask them for some resources. 3. Call the pediatrician office and ask for resources. I hope this helps you.
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    minimum staffing and lunch breaks - enemies??

    I now work in an assisted living facility as a nurse/activity aide and whenever I work an 8 hour day, it is mandatory that I leave the unit and go to a very quiet place which is the fifth floor and eat lunch. I love this idea because my floor that I work in is usually the memory care unit and it really helps to have that time to take a break. I need time to break and eat something; therefore I am so glad that all staff that work 6-8 hours must take a break.
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    Tell me why you regret about becoming a Nurse

    The thing that I regret about being a nurse is that I want to spend more time with my family. My mom is a resident at an assisted living facility and I need to spend more time with her, but I cannot spend the time that I need to spend due to working lots of hours sometimes. I feel very guilty sometimes. I can always work it out and that is a good thing.
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    Night Shifters - Am I being too sensitive?

    I have several nurses who really favor working the night shift and these are their reasons: 1. You only have very light meals or no meals during your shift. 2. You only have to do personal care, regular nursing measurements, and charting and whatever else that is needed to do. 3. You can concentrate more on the charting aspects which is a big help. I believe that the night shift is a good shift to work and that is why a lot of nurses prefer it.
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    NICU nursing application question

    The experiences that I have that helped me work in the NICU/ICU were the fact that I have worked with babies/children before in a nursery and I have volunteered before in the CCU/ICU and PCU. To me, those experiences prepared me well for the NICU/ICU unit. I am so thankful to have had those experiences. I wish you all of the best.
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    Night Shifters - Am I being too sensitive?

    Nurses who work the night shift are a true gift in my thinking for these reasons: 1. They have to work while most people are sleeping. 2. They sleep during the day in order to give night care to patients. 3. Their bodies have to adjust to the change in work habits of staying up all night.
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    How did you decide your specialty?

    The nursing students that were in my group helped me to figure out my specialty and that specialty was in geriatric population. The reason that they helped me was because they talked to me while we were doing our geriatric rotation about how well I talk with the patients and how well I respond and talk with the patients. They said that I have a special calling about this population. So, I started working in the geriatric unit and I know continue to work in that same similar aspect after 10 years of teaching.
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    LTC vs Assisted living

    Long term care is vital for these reasons: 1. It helps patients who are in need of more medical attention. 2. It helps with the care needs of so many people. Assisted Living has a few reasons and they are: 1. The facility helps clients who need small assistance. 2. The facility generally helps the clients with small basic needs. I hope this helps.
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    Nurse Practitioner vs Physician Assistant

    The difference between nurse practitioner and physician assistant are the following: 1. The school that both attend are different. 2. Nurse practitioners learn more about the nursing process. 3. Physician assistants learn more about the process of a doctor.
  14. Congratulations in looking into your relocation. I have just relocated myself and I did these following steps which I believe will help you: 1. Google the location that you are trying to relocate. 2. Go to your local library and get some books on your new location. 3 Ask your employer for information about your new location too. I hope this helps you out and congratulations to you.
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    What type of soap do you use?

    The soap that I am using right now is a liquid lavender soap that is a foamy bubble bath. When I put the soap on my hands, I smell the scent of the beautiful soap and it feels so good. When I put this soap on my whole body, it feels so good that it keep me smelling good and it makes me feel so clean and fresh.
  16. Here are a few ideas to take with you while in nursing school: 1. Enjoy the time that you are in school. 2. Meet new study friends and classmates. 3. Enjoy each other's company. 4. Always ask questions to your professors. Congratulations. Good luck to you.
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    Best way to avoid bedside care?

    A good nursing job that does not pertain to bedside care is school nursing. I did school nursing for about 10 years. The schools that I worked in were private schools. One was a school that has kindergarten through 12th grade and the other school was preschool with the ages of 16-18 months to 5 years old. I did student's charts, gave medications, and checked first aid kits. For a nurse, it was great and I really enjoyed the aspect of nursing.
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    How long did it take....

    It took me a long time to be where I am today and I did not get there overnight. It took a lot of planning and researching. I also was told by some of my nursing student friends that I would make a great geriatric nurse because of my disposition and how I treat my patients as a nurse. So, I am back now as a geriatric nurse/activities.
  19. Congratulations on getting into nursing school. It is a huge challenge and a blessing to get in. Here are some tips for a successful nursing school experience: 1. Get to bed early 2. Study hard and early 3. Keep a calendar 4. Understand assignments 5. Get into a study group 6. Go to extra credit study sessions and professor's after hours. I wish you the best.
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    Best way to avoid bedside care?

    I believe that they are the types of jobs that you can do that do not require bedside care: 1. Research 2. Working on computers/nurse secretary 3. Doing telework nursing 4. Advice nurse
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    "You're too smart to be a nurse. Be a doctor"

    A lot of people have said that to me in that you should be a doctor instead of a nurse or why don't you be a doctor. I have said this many times in that there is a place and a time for everything and my time was to be a nurse. I love being a nurse for these specific reasons: 1. A nurse looks at the whole picture of health of a person. 2. A nurse goes into detail about the treatment and why it is working and why it is not working. 3. A nurse does care plans that help the doctor plan and make treatments for the care that is given. I enjoy being a nurse because nursing is a rewarding career.
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    What to do after a rough shift?

    I just had a rough shift yesterday and a bad day all the way around and here is what I did: 1. I took a nice warm bubble bath. 2. I drank some warm hot tea. 3. I drank some gingerale with a lot of ice in the glass. 4. I sat on the couch and relaxed. 5. I laid in bed and watched a good movie on television.
  23. Here are some resources: 1. Puppets 2. Some stress balls for physical health 3. Counselors if needed 4. School health information.
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    minimum staffing and lunch breaks - enemies??

    Sometimes, I have worked through my lunch time. In fact, I have felt many times where I did not have any lunch at all. Sometimes, I had to force myself to take five minutes and eat due to all of the things that I had to do. I have learned over the years these things: 1. I need to take at least five to ten minutes and eat and drink. 2. I also need at least five minutes by myself to regroup and give my brain a rest. All of these statements are healthy it is healthy to take breaks during the day.
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    Tell me why you regret about becoming a Nurse

    The thing that I regret about being a nurse is the fact that I had to work on the holidays; especially during Christmas time frame. Even though I do not have children or I am not married, I still feel bad missing the family traditions when I work on the holidays. I know though that my patients need me and that is why I work on the holidays.