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  1. Hi everyone, sorry this is such a long post. I feel like typing everything out has been therapeutic for me :'D. Thanks for reading! I just graduated nursing school in June and landed a job in a residency program on a Med-Renal floor. Most of our patients are in End-Stage Renal Failure and are on dialysis. We also see a fair amount of liver failure, CHF, GI bleeds and COPD exacerbations. We also have telemetry. (And of course pretty much everyone has diabetes and chronic hypertension!) The residency program consisted of 6 weeks on day shift and 2 weeks on nights with a preceptor, then on my own. Day shift I didn't really have too many issues besides time management (which i feel most new nurses struggle with) and just in general staying organized on my shift. Once I moved to night shift, it's like I'm all the sudden horribly unprepared to go on my own. I have a new preceptor which I feel slightly intimidated by... and feel like I can't think straight in front of her. I forgot to scan a med a couple times before giving to a patient (she caught me doing this, so the med was never administered), and I'm struggling with accurately charting and prioritizing my most critical patients. My manager decided to put me on 3 more weeks of training. I finally felt like I was safely administering all my meds, but was letting my anxiety get to me since I felt embarrassed about needing more time. My preceptor on night shift like I said is very diligent and watches me like a hawk, but I feel is really supportive and gives great feedback. I had a meeting with her and my manager last week and they decided to give me 5 more shifts, 2 with my usual night shift preceptor and 3 with another person since my usual preceptor has to be charge nurse. I went home, spent time looking up patho, made lists for myself, read all of my feedback, created a new "brain" for myself and did a bunch of self reflection. I had two more shifts with my usual preceptor this week which I really felt was my time to prove myself so I could be on my own, but I was failing left and right. I almost gave a medication too early, I pulled the wrong medication under someone else's name, I pocketed a med and lost it, I almost didn't flush an IV medication... on top of that I struggled with accurately charting, communicating with my preceptor my plan for the shift and prioritizing my most critical patients. I feel like an absolute failure and once my manager sees my preceptor's evaluation of me last night I feel like they are going to let me go. My manager said If I can't "meet expectations" on all my evals for these shifts, I can't be moved to another floor, and the hospital setting "may not be a good fit for me." I still have 3 more shifts with a new preceptor. I want to say that part of the reason I've been struggling is because my usual preceptor is constantly watching me and all I can think about is her watching and not actually think about what I'm doing. Part of me also thinks.. what if this floor isn't really a good fit? Several nurses that have floated to my unit told me they can't believe I work on this floor, "it's so hard" and they hate when they have to float to this unit. All of the other residents were nursing students on this unit, I'm the only one that is completely new. I love all of the staff on this unit, I feel they are extremely supportive and always help when I ask. I'll admit the patients are very overwhelming at times... But I feel like I really could do this if I just push through and get over this learning curve. I have a meeting after my 3 shifts with my new preceptor... I feel like if I keep messing up it will confirm that this floor is just too much for me and I need to go somewhere else.... but where!?!?!? I apologize for rambling... Any advice is appreciated. Never thought my first job would be this difficult... I want to strive to be the safest and best nurse I can be, whatever setting I am in... (don't we all! :) )
  2. NurseC1193

    Nursing program in Walla Walla Community College 2017

    Hi vollytina, sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I was waiting to hear from another school, but it looks like I will be going to Clarkston this Fall! (2017.) I am from the Seattle area as well and am definitely looking for roommates! My e-mail is cait354@gmail.com - please email me anytime and hopefully we can chat!
  3. Hi everyone, I just got a letter from Gray's Harbor College in Aberdeen and made #9 on the wait list. Anyone else applied to this school? My number one choice is Lower Columbia College (Regular RN program, NOT LPN2RN) in Longview, WA. I won't hear from them until mid August! Just want to hear if anyone has any info on these schools, thanks! (this is for Fall 2017)
  4. NurseC1193

    Nursing program in Walla Walla Community College 2017

    Hi Guys! I just got my letter of acceptance to Walla Walla Community College- Clarkston Campus!! (I did not get into the main campus) I am waiting to hear from Gray's Harbor College and Lower Columbia College... but I am glad I got in somewhere! I have been trying for years to get into a school in Seattle (where I currently live) but it is even more competitive in the city. If anyone knows of any good places to live in Clarkston.. or is looking for a roommate, let me know!
  5. Hi All, I am trying desperately to get into am ADN program in Washington State. I have about a 2.4 GPA, and have not yet taken the TEAS. Plenty of experience as a CNA ANP 1: 2.2 ANP 2: 2.9 CHEM: 2.8 STATS: 2.0 MICRO: 2.5 LIFESPAN: 3.8 No chance for anything- am I right? I'm planning on retaking STATS and MICRO. Possibly ANP 1. I've narrowed my sights down to these schools, since a few Washington schools are strict on re-takes: Gray's Harbor Yakima Valley Skagit Valley Wenatchee Valley Centralia College Columbia Basin Lake Washington Institute Obviously I'm very lacking in the grades department. Does anyone have any info on any of these schools, and what the average GPA is to get in? What the programs are like? Thank you!

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