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  1. PVT Bad Pop Up NCLEX-RN 2022

    Thank you for all of this. Did you have to take a remedial course after the third time taking it? In Florida we have to do that. I was thinking about taking the New York boards because they give unlimited amount of tries
  2. PVT Bad Pop Up NCLEX-RN 2022

    Best of luck to you too and Thank you. I got the email but I can’t open up the pdf. Is there a way you can send it again?
  3. PVT Bad Pop Up NCLEX-RN 2022

    Yes please! My email is jessjane05@Yahoo.com thankyou
  4. PVT Bad Pop Up NCLEX-RN 2022

    I’m using UWorld and mark klimek I already paid for the exam as soon as I seen the results. Taking it in exactly 45 days
  5. PVT Bad Pop Up NCLEX-RN 2022

    I failed. Got the results on the board of nursing. Try your board of nursing site. They post before quick results come out
  6. PVT Bad Pop Up NCLEX-RN 2022

    I just took my test yesterday ( Saturday ) and got the bad pop up. Got the max 145 questions. I’m kind of curious as to if ppl that are saying they got the bad pop up if it’s truly the bad pop up. You have to put the correct card number and expiratio...
  7. Palm Beach State College Fall 2018 Nursing applications

    Hey everyone. I’m interested in doing the bridge program at palm beach state college. I’ve heard it’s “ hard to get into “ I wanted to know is that true. Also, is it only the math hesi that has to be taken or so I have to also take the nln ace 1 exam...
  8. Hey how are you? I take my NLN test for mercy tomorrow ? I’m trying to get into the August program ( fingers crossed) I was originally scheduled to take it two weeks ago but the system was down so they rescheduled us.  I think the deadline for the August program is June 26th. Hope I pass and hopefully we will be classmates ?

    1. jnurse98


      HEYYYYYY!!! You'll do fine just remember safety and to assess your patient. Remember therapeutic communications between nurse and patient. I know you got this. Yes the deadline is June 26th. Make sure you have all the paper work in so we can be classmates and get this RN. GOOD LUCK!! I know you got this!!! 

  9. Nclex RN

    Wait so the PVT gave you false hope and you still passed? Hmmm
  10. Nclex PN Quick Results on a Sunday???

    Yes I got the results this morning at 9:15 and I passed !!!
  11. Nclex RN

    I got the quick results this morning and sure enough, I passed!!
  12. Nclex RN

    Well did you passsssssss ?
  13. Nclex RN

    Ok, thanks. It will be 48 hrs since I have taken the test. Would my quick results be up today since it's a Sunday? I've seen on here that ppl have gotten there quick results over the weekend. I've been up since 4am í ½í¸©
  14. Nclex PN Quick Results on a Sunday???

    I took my Nclex on Friday (9/30/2016) and did the PVT got the good pop up. Wanted to know will my quick results be available on a Sunday? So Anxious. Been up. Since 4am today
  15. Nclex RN

    But could I have failed with getting my only drug calculation wrong?