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bibimake has 7 years experience as a BSN and specializes in NICU.

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  1. bibimake

    Pay in Houston area

    Hi, I’m planning on moving to Houston sometime this year. I truly miss Houston since I was raised and most of my families are still in Houston. I’ll have 6 years of experience by then and 2.5 years in level 4 NICU with RNC-NIC. I’m considering all level 4 NICUs and some level 3 hospitals. How much do Memorial Hermann, Texas Children’s, Methodist, or other hospitals pay for RNs like me? Appreciate your response in advance!
  2. bibimake

    Should I take NRP/STABLE?

    Thanks for the responses! Besides NRP and STABLE, how should I express my interest to NICU? All of my experiences are adult med/surg... I am having hard time with making my resume to stand out.
  3. bibimake

    Should I take NRP/STABLE?

    Hi, everyone! Little about me: I've been working in a 31-bed MedSurg unit for little less than 2 years now and I've been thinking about transferring to NICU. My senior practicum was not in NICU, and my interest in NICU started beginning of this year when I visited my nephew who stayed in NICU for a couple weeks. I love babies but I'm more attracted to and fascinated by the science side of it. I thought I should re-write my CL and resume before it's too late. Since all of my experience is with the adult population, I thought taking NRP and STABLE certification would make my resume stand out. But in multiple threads, I heard this is not necessary and some even said this will look bad on a resume. Is this true? Also for everyone who transferred to NICU from a different unit, how did you do it? Any word of advice would be appreciated! Thank you so much in advance!
  4. bibimake

    CL/Resume for change in speciality

    Hi, everyone! I'm currently working in a 31-bed MedSurg unit and I've been thinking about transferring to NICU, where my heart lies. I've been monitoring NICU programs around my area for a couple of months now and I thought I should edit my cover letter and resume sooner than later. But I have questions... To my understanding, I should be talking about why I'm trying to transfer to a different unit and how my past experience can help me succeed in NICU. Is this right? How should I write my cover letter when all of my experience is with adult population? Also I am trying to get NRP and STABLE to show my interest in NICU. But I've heard some negative things about this in other forums. Is this really a bad idea? Thank you so much in advance!